Instagram, Meta’s famous social networking platform, is testing a new full-screen option for its feed as well as a revised navigation bar to make content on the site more accessible and engaging.

According to, the test version, which has been given out to a small number of users, is the app’s latest attempt to stay relevant with TikTok in the social video arena.

Furthermore, Instagram’s new appearance will be comparable to TikTok feeds. According to the business, this feature is being tested and will be available to consumers shortly.

Instagram was seen testing out full-screen photographs and video earlier this month, albeit there were still white bars on the bottom and top of the screen. The primary navigation bar has remained untouched as well.

What Changes To Expect In This Instagram Update?

Instagram Reportedly Testing A Full-Screen Main Feed Like TikTok
Image Source: Instagram | TechCrunch

Shortcuts for viewing the messaging inbox and posting posts on the service appear to have changed with the new appearance. So far, it seems like Instagram’s new design will be similar to TikTok’s Clear mode.

It will be the first time Meta has created a function to compete with TikTok, a Chinese app. Also, because it’s similar to TikTok, it’ll be fascinating to watch how Indian people respond to this full-screen mode. Remember that the Chinese software TikTok, together with 118 other applications, was blacklisted in India in 2020.

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Issues With Earlier Tests

An issue with the previous test was a weird white gap between posts in the feed. This gave the impression that the feed was a hybrid of TikTok’s actual full-screen feed and a more typical, card-style feed with posts split. Users also complained that the new structure made their feed appear crowded.

Instagram has verified that the bugs and issues in new full-screen feed testing have been resolved and that videos in the 9:16 aspect ratio will no longer have white space at the top and bottom of posts.

However, this new feed has some hope for artists, as Instagram said it would begin promoting their material to those who don’t follow them – similar to how TikTok’s “For You” page tosses in content it thinks you’ll like.

When multiple applications agree on one format, it is easier for content to be reused across platforms, presumably beneficial to professional artists and marketers.

Meta CEO’s Take On The Update

Mark Zuckerberg stated that “photographs are an integral part of Instagram.” In his article, Zuckerberg also mentioned that Instagram was working on methods to enhance the way photographs appeared in these full-screen feeds.

Mark also stated this feature would be coming to Instagram for selected users for testing purposes. (c).

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