If you’re disappointed that your best-ever selfie is buried too low in your grid or want to ensure that your best posts are constantly viewed, this new Instagram update is for you.

Thanks to the feature to pin posts and Reels, users may pin any of their Reels or posts to the top of their profile. Because there is no dedicated area for pinned posts, they appear as the first or most recent posts on the user’s profile. The update should give more freedom to Instagram creators. It will be about how they wish to express themselves on the platform by choosing the posts they want to highlight about their profile. 

What Exactly Is An Instagram “Pinned” Post?

What Exactly Is An Instagram Pinned Post

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A pinned post is a highlighted post on a social media user account. It lets users pick some of the best content on their profile and highlight it. Previously, this feature was only available on Facebook and Twitter, but now it seems to have made its way onto Instagram. 

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Recent Updates To Instagram

Instagram has been aggressively pushing out new features and updates recently. Social media experts say it is to counter TikTok. Instagram extended the duration limit for reels to 90 seconds last week to match with TikTok.

Recently, Instagram has reintroduced the chronological feed, which users have requested for years. Users can change their feed to show the most current content at the top instead of being given days-old posts that the algorithm wants them to engage with just a couple of taps.

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How Instagram Pinned Posts Can Be Helpful

When it comes to social networks, content is continuously shifting; that is, it is continually changing, updating, and vanishing). So, if it weren’t for the option to pin, your most significant post would be buried in a never-ending flood of material.

Consider a pinned post a “sneak peek” into your social media material. While your most recent updates may not portray your brand or business in the best light, a pinned post has the opportunity to do so.

Companies can also make use of this feature for social media marketing. Say a potential consumer visits the Instagram profile of a particular business. Instead of having to scroll through the entire profile of that business, the consumer can take a look at the pinned posts to get an idea of the business.

Similarly, on the other end, the business can pin important information and their achievements to attract more clients. 

The update is also very useful for creators and all other users in general. It will offer the flexibility of expressing themselves, letting them customize their social media accounts by highlighting their beloved memories, works, and posts.

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How To Use The Instagram Pinned Posts Feature

Users may pin a post by clicking “Pin to your profile” from the three dots in the upper right corner of a certain post. Once they’ve done that, the post should appear at the top of their Instagram profile.

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