Instagram’s new filter might save you from unsolicited nudity in direct messages.

The Meta-owned platform is reportedly working on a new feature that allows users to block out nude photos in their chats.

The “nudity protection” filter could finally be the long-pending solution many Instagram users, particularly females, have been seeking on the platform.

About The Instagram Nudity Filter Feature

Instagrams New Filter for Protection Against Nudity

The new feature is optional and resembles Instagram’s other protective features. For example, the Hidden Words feature prevents certain words from popping up on the timeline.

Instagram app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi posted a screenshot of the protective feature on his Twitter account. “Technology on your device covers photos that may contain nudity in chats.”, He posted, “Instagram CAN’T access photos.”

Therefore, Instagram will detect the nudity itself, hiding the photo until the user opts to view it. The user can turn it on or off at anytime.

Instagram will also add safety tips for unsuspecting users and educate them on staying safe while viewing and interacting with nude photos.

This feature will be the latest addition to the series of privacy-oriented rules and regulations the social media platform has been pushing to salvage its image as an unsafe space for women and children.

Why Is The Filter Needed?

According to a report published by the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a British non-profit organization found a severe lack of Instagram’s capability to prevent cyber flashing against high-profile woman Instagram users.

The Pew Research Centre also found that 33% of women under 35 were regularly subjected to online sexual harassment.

Alarmingly, many blocked-off words were visible as well. It exposed celebrities particularly vulnerable to organized hate campaigns and creepy fan-submitted direct messages.

As a primarily image-based platform, Instagram needed to safeguard its brand image from being tarnished.

Recently, the platform owner Meta also came under severe scrutiny and negative publicity for not doing enough against child pornography, sexual harassment, and organized hate campaigns.

The privacy issues of the platform also had been regularly criticized by the media and social networking platforms alike.

Availability Of The Instagram Nudity Filter

Users must wait for some time to start blocking unwanted and graphic photos from their direct messages.

Instagram has confirmed the development of the nudity protection filter but did not confirm when exactly the feature is rolling out.

Meta said it would release more updates about the new feature in the coming weeks.

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