Instagram’s sensitive content filters will be applied to all suggested content throughout the platform in the near future. The picture and video sharing site said that its sensitive content restrictions would be expanded beyond the “Explore” page this week.

The default setting for this page is Standard, which displays certain sensitive information. You can, however, select “More” to see the most sensitive stuff and “Less” to see the least sensitive content. Choosing “More” does not imply that you can access all of Instagram’s explicit material. Content that violates the platform’s policies is still removed.

A Step Towards Censorship? 

The latest Instagram platform advancements for more safety, more moderation, and less online hatred center on the problem of well-being on social networks. It’s a problem that’s gained traction due to the Covid crisis. It has increased the time people spend with their phones, usually on social media platforms, especially among the younger user base.

A Flawed Feature From Instagram?

Instagram To Get Sensitive Content Limits To More Areas

Experts say that the new update could cause some users to lose likes

While the adjustment may have been made with the best intentions, some content producers are concerned about how the new filters will handle their work. Following the original deployment of the Sensitive Content Control function, producers working in art, cannabis, sex, and tattoos expressed dissatisfaction with the filters applied to their work. However, an Instagram spokeswoman rejected the claim. She suggested that the new function may boost the exposure of certain creators.

Many Instagram users have already voiced their dissatisfaction with the platform’s policy. They did that by accusing it of converting “regular” content into “sensitive” content for no apparent reason, resulting in its removal. Sensitive material includes images of individuals wearing transparent clothes, for example.

Assuming that more people use Instagram’s filters, the new modification might imply that accounts that publish information that falls outside Instagram’s rigorous guidelines. It may be for sensitive content, such as sexually suggestive materials, which will have a smaller audience reach.

However, the creators may be right, and Instagram’s new filters should be tweaked somewhat. The new filters aren’t as precise as the old ones. They provide a broad overview of the platform’s contents that a user does not wish to see. It would be more pleasant if the filters could be more particular. Users should be allowed to pick whatever content they don’t want to see.

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Instagram’s Definition Of Sensitive Content

A Flawed Feature From Instagram?

According to the Instagram, sensitive material is determined by several factors: It may show violence; it may be sexually explicit or provocative; and it may encourage “the use of some regulated items, such as tobacco or vaping products, adult products and services, or prescription medications.” Instagram emphasizes that visually violent and explicit content, content containing nudity or sexual actions, and posts seeking to sell or trade regulated items are removed.

Other Platforms Implementing Similar Features

The site, owned by Meta, isn’t the only one applying content limitations on sensitive photographs and videos. Other social media networks, such as TikTok, screen out information that violates their content restrictions. Recently, Google was seen working on a “limited mode” for Google TV that would hide items considered inappropriate for minors.

How To Use The Content Filters

Go to your profile and press the menu icon in the top right-hand corner to enable the content filters. Select “Account” from the drop-down menu, then “Sensitive content control.”

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