Developed by a company known as Linerock Investments LTD, NewProfilePic Picture Editor is more of a selfie photo editing tool than a general photo editing tool. What’s special about the app is that it lets you create profile photos that reflect your mood. Whether you are happy, anxious, pitiful, sad, irritated, or feeling any other way, you can easily create a selfie picture that’s in tune with your general feeling at that particular moment. 

Released in May 2022, the app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore, where it has already garnered an average of 4.9-star ratings from 73k reviews. Even though it’s barely a few weeks old here, it has already clocked over 1 million downloads, surpassing many similar apps that have stayed on Playstore for ages.

Some Serious Allegations Against The NewProfilePic Picture Editor 

The NewProfilePic Picture Editor

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Despite attracting the selfie community in huge numbers, NewProfilePic Picture Editor also seems to be attracting a few negative allegations here and there; 

A Twitter user with the username “Noah Mamis” recently posed the following question on the social media platform, “This new profile pic thing is just a scam to steal my data, yes?” The question attracted mixed reactions, with some users believing that the app indeed steals peoples’ data, whereas others are rubbishing the insinuation. For example, one of his followers by the name “Melissa Stewart” responded,” I always assume yes.” Another one with the username “Theatre Rocks” replied, “Twitter-the new fake news social media,” suggesting a contrary opinion.

The Daily Mail also weighed in when it published an article with the headline “Is Russia after YOUR personal data? Experts warn internet users not to download latest online craze New Profile Pic that hoovers up your details” on 11th May 2022. 

The magazine reported that NewProfilePic Picture Editor had been developed by a company registered in Russia, giving readers thoughts of a possible connection between the app and Moscow. It further pointed out that security experts have warned against using the trendy app due to the data it acquires. 

But Linerock LTD later responded to these allegations through their spokesperson, who made it clear that Daily Mail wrongly mistook the address of the lawyers who registered the company in Moscow as the company’s address. Here’s what they said,” The address on Moscow River is the address of the lawyers who registered the company. We have never had an office there.”

Linerock LTD further explained that it doesn’t send user images or data to Moscow, as insinuated by the paper. The company also went on to make it clear that all their two servers—Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are located in the U.S. 

There has also been a rumor that NewProfilePic Picture Editor steals money from your bank account. It’s a rumor that was started by someone who claimed on social media that the app had $60 deducted from their bank account without their knowledge or permission.

But according to Linerock, app stores have endless selfie apps that have a similar name to this app. The company explained that some of those apps feature in-app purchases or subscriptions, which deduct money from users’ bank accounts. This suggested a possibility that the user may have inadvertently used one of those apps and got money taken away from their bank account. 

NewProfilePic Picture Editor doesn’t look like a fraudulent app that steals your money, data, or images as some rumors suggest. After all, some of those rumors, including the Daily Mail’s, have elements of lies. Apart from that, the company’s explanations seem to make more sense than the rumors themselves. 

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