Pinterest’s New Features To Benefit “Pinners”, Brands, And Content Creators

Pinterest Idea Ads With Paid Partners 

June seems to be a hectic month for players in the social media realm. We saw Pinterest unveil some new cool features to complement Idea Pins, which the company unveiled in 2021. The two features will enable the company’s 433 million monthly active users to enjoy a better user experience from the platforms and brands alongside content creators to earn more revenue than before. 

Pinterest Idea Ads With Paid Partners 

Pinterest Idea Ads With Paid Partners 

One of the latest features that Pinterest has unveiled is Idea Ads. It’s essentially an improvement of Idea Pins— i.e., a multi-page image, audio, and video feature that appears in the app’s home feed.

The new Idea Ads feature offers additional functionalities beyond the Idea Pins feature. This gives brands a greater way to connect with their audience on Pinterest. It also can boost their traffic and inspire shopping purchases. 

Idea Ads works by enabling businesses to show up to 20 pages of inspiring content with custom links in the app’s news feeds. Pinterest users can view the content, including demos or step-by-step DIY guides, and even visit the business’s site for more information or purchase. 

It’s interesting to see how Pinterest will not just display Idea Ads. The app has been updated to use an interest-targeting algorithm to display Idea Ads only within the relevant user feeds. It’s all aimed at optimizing response and user experience. 

It’s the second latest feature that Pinterest has unveiled. With it, brands can now form paid partnerships with content creators to promote their products or services more efficiently. Remember that some content creators on Pinterest have more followers than some brands individually.

Paid Partnership Tagging essentially works by allowing content creators to tag their partner brands and add links to their content to the brands’ landing pages more conveniently than before. 

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The Significance Of Pinterest’s New Features

The Significance Of Pinterest’s New Features

Due to how Paid Partnerships is designed to work with Idea Ads, Pinterest has made the experience much more remarkable for “Pinners,” brands, and content creators alike. Content creators with multitudes of followers will be able to promote brands and include links to landing pages in their content. This will enable Pinterest users to visit those landing pages more efficiently to view the product or service and even order it, if need be, more effortlessly.  

As for content creators, this new feature combo will allow them to work with brands to earn revenue more clearly and transparently. All they’ll have to do to make money is to enter into a paid partnership with a brand, create content that promotes their partner brand and let it display within their newsfeed so that their followers can view it and visit the brand’s landing page. 

As for brands, it will enable them to maximize response and sales in two ways; 

a) By taking advantage of the sheer number of their partner content creators’ followers. Don’t forget that some businesses have fewer followers than some content creators on Pinterest. 

b) By showing their ads only to those genuinely interested in them. 

Idea Ads with Paid Partnerships will also give brands and content creators the freedom to work directly with each other without any interference from Pinterest. The two parties can also handle the payment process independently without the company’s involvement. 

Pinterest has figured out that brands can reach their audience more effectively by using content creators in addition to videos. As much as videos can be quite effective for storytelling, it can be challenging for viewers to take other essential details such as links from these visual contents. It’s difficult to copy text from a video, and writing down certain types of text like a link is even more difficult for consumers. 

It’s a challenge that both YouTube and TikTok are very much aware of. The two companies have been trying to come up with a solution to this problem. Only Pinterest seems to have gotten it right at the moment. (c).

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