Recently, social communication, creation, and entertainment app Snap announced that it would be accessible to all users regardless of their platform. Snapchat Web was initially released for mobile users this year in July.

Snap’s announcement also includes a few other releases under Fresh Fall Features updates, like Lock Screen Widgets, Chat Shortcuts, and Question Stickers.

What Is Snapchat For Web?

What Is Snapchat For Web?

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Snapchat for Web is a web version of the messaging platform. Earlier available only on mobile, now its services will be more open to users across devices, including laptops and desktops.

That means Snap users can stay connected with their friends and followers regardless of their platform. The chat history will be synced across devices all the time.

It will come with all messaging features like chatting and video calling, lenses, chat reactions and replies, etc.

Snapchat for Web was initially available only to premium Snapchat+ customers in the US, Canada, and the UK. With the announcement, global users may also use the web version.

Benefits Of Snapchat For Web

Snapchat for Web comes as an opportunity for both users and the platform.

  • Snap already recognized the web version to be an ‘unmet opportunity.’ With the mobile-to-web reverse migration, the company hopes to increase its impact on the market while broadening the scope of growth.
  • The platform also seeks to close its availability gap with other social media platforms. Whatsapp and Instagram, for example, have long been available across all devices.
  • All Snap users can now get a different experience because the surface space for video calls and chats will be significantly bigger. According to Snapchat, over 100 Million users regularly use the video all feature.

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Other Features Of The Snapchat For Web

Snap also released a few other features alongside the Web version. They are listed below:

  • Lock Screen Widgets: Available with iOS16, this feature will keep conversations saved on the lock screen. Users may resume chatting with their friends with just one tap. This tool will help users be in the loop and start visual conversations whenever they please without needing to open the app and scroll.
  • Chat Shortcuts: Chat Shortcuts will allow users to spot unread Snaps and chats from their friends quickly, reply to stories, and view missed calls. Shortcuts will remind them of upcoming birthdays or respond to unread conversations.
  • Question Stickers: This feature will let you put on Ask Me Anything stories with a new visual twist.

How To Use Snapchat For Web

  • Users need to access this link and log in with their existing Snapchat username and password.
  • While logging in, you will need to complete a two-step verification. Following this, you can find the ‘Snapchat for Web’ option, like My Snapcode, My data, Ads Manager, etc.
  • Users must also permit their mobile application before using the Web version.

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