Telegram is one of the most prominent instant messaging and file-sharing platforms, with more than 700 million users worldwide. Among the top 5 apps, Telegram is known for its privacy protection, especially when major players are being accused of data harvesting on a large scale.

Telegram recently launched its premium version based on a paid subscription model to generate revenue and maintain its operating costs. It claims that users will now receive unique and exclusive elements from the free ones.

The question comes immediately: why would a user like to pay for the premium version when many free messaging apps are available on the market? The platform claims that the Telegram Premium features allow users to enjoy some unique and exclusive features that make the subscription service worthwhile.

This guide will analyze What Telegram Premium Subscription is and what are its features and cost that users should keep in mind before purchasing it.

What Is The Telegram Premium Subscription Version?

What Is The Telegram Premium Version

Telegram premium is the paid subscription service launched by the platform, claiming to provide unique and exclusive features to the users. It also claims that the subscription service revenue model will allow users to support the platform.

But isn’t Telegram already providing all the services, including unlimited downloads, ad-free experience, and chatting for free? Would those services also come under the Premium package?

The authorities have cleared that they won’t put free services behind the paywall, and users can enjoy those services for free. Moreover, they have announced that free users can also use Premium elements, including downloading larger files and receiving stickers from premium users.

Although the paid version has not gone live yet, it is partially available on the beta version of Telegram. As per the platform, they will launch a subscription service by June.
Now let’s jump into the Telegram Premium features.

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Features Of Telegram Premium Subscription Plans

The platform has made way for resource-heavy actions in its premium version. The users have been demanding extended storage, faster file transfer, and improved chat management over the years.
Let’s check out the detail of the features below:

1) High-Speed Downloading

The platform will allow its users to download documents and media at the fastest possible speed. The premium users will access everything in their unlimited cloud storage facility depending upon how good their network is.

2) Increased Limits

Telegram has doubled the number of limits for almost every crucial feature. Now users can unlock up to 20 chat folders, each having a maximum of 200 chats. Moreover, users can write more extended bios along with the option to add a link in it, access and follow up to 1000 telegram channels and add a fourth account on any telegram app, whether PC or Mobile.

Apart from that, Telegram will allow its premium users to pin ten chats in the main list and save a maximum of 10 favorite stickers. Moreover, they can access the 400 favorite GIFs, allowing users to respond to a message appropriately.

Lastly, the premium version allows users to add more characters to media captions and reserve up to 20 public links, helping groups and channels stand out with their short links.

3) Extended Upload Limit

Premium users can now upload files and media up to 4 GB, equivalent to space for streaming 4 hours of 1080p video or playing 18 days of high-end audio files. In comparison, free users can only upload up to 2 GB of files and media with an unlimited storage facility in the telegram cloud.
Most importantly, all Telegram users can download these extra-large files and media, free or premium.

4) Unique Reaction And Stickers

The uniqueness of telegram premium will also reflect in its stickers and reactions. Premium users can now unlock many more ways to react to the texts, including ten new emojis and Favorites.

For the reactions, Telegram premium will allow the users to send full-screen animations to add different emotions and high-end visual effects while chatting on the platform. All the users can see it, including those using the free version. Moreover, the telegram team will update the premium sticker collection monthly for the users.

5) Voice-To-Text Conversion

Telegram premium will allow the users to convert voice messages into text while chatting on the platform. It will help those users who want to read the audio messages instead of listening to the same. Premium users can also rate the converted texts for further improvement in the software.

6) Telegram Premium Badges And App Icons

To make the premium users stand out, Telegram will provide a special badge that would appear beside their name in the chat list, member list in the groups, and chat headers, exhibiting that these users are members of the elite group that enjoys exclusive features.
Moreover, Premium users will also get exclusive app icons they can use on their home screen, matching their personality and wallpaper. They can choose a premium star, night sky, and turbo plane.

7) No Advertisements 

Telegram allows sponsored messages in large public channels ranging from one to many, which helps them financially support and maintain their operating costs. However, Telegram premium users will not have to bother about advertisements anymore.

8) Enhanced Chat Management Available With Telegram Premium 

Telegram Premium will provide its users with new tools to organize their chat list as per their whims. For instance, premium users can change their default chat folder so that the app opens only on the custom folder.
Furthermore, Telegram premium will allow the users to automatically mute and archive new chats by changing a setting in the Privacy and Security. It will help them efficiently organize their chats.

9) Animated Profile Photos

Telegram premium will allow users to animate the profile videos for everyone in the chats and the chat list. It will let everyone see your creativity and visual persona through your profile.

These were the detailed list of exclusive features Telegram Premium users will enjoy on the platform. Telegram has also included other features that can be used by both free and premium version users. Now, let’s check out the Telegram Premium Cost that users will have to pay to access the above features.

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Telegram Premium Price Plans For 2022

Telegram Premium Price Plans For 2022

Now moving on to the Telegram Premium Price, it differs from country to country. It can cost 4.99 pounds, $4.99, and 5.49 euros. The price is not fixed for Indian users yet; however, it is speculated that it can range between 250-388 rupees.
The payment can be processed through the Play store and the App Store for Android and iOS users, respectively.

The pricing for the subscription is based monthly. There is no option for an annual subscription as of now. The detailed list of prices for every region might come sooner.

Is It Worth To Purchase Telegram Paid Plans?

With Telegram bringing a Premium Subscription version for its users, it will be interesting to see how they will react to this. The Subscription Service will help Telegram maintain its revenue stream and the operating costs to sustain the business and bring up new features for its free and premium users.

Therefore, with the help of this detailed analysis, the users can now think better about whether they should go for the premium version or not. It will further help them use the premium version properly. (c).

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