A few months ago, Whatsapp embarked on testing an update that will give group admins more moderation power in the future. The company has been working on an update that will enable them to delete messages in a group. Currently, the sender can only delete a group chat message.

The New Whatsapp Update Will Provide Options For Group Admins To Delete Member’s Chat

The New Update Will Provide Options For Group Admins To Delete Members Chat

Once the expected update rolls out, admins can provide a better group chat experience by deleting messages from group members that they find offensive or embarrassing. Currently, they can only instruct senders to pull down such messages or remove those who may refuse to cooperate from the group.

When an admin deletes a message, all group participants will get a notification like this: “This Message Was Removed By An Admin.” Remember, some Whatsapp groups have more than one admin.

Even though this feature will improve group chats in the Messenger app, it wouldn’t be a good idea to let users notify every time an admin deletes a message. Instead of serving a better purpose, it will only raise eyebrows as many group members would be curious to know why the admin deleted the message. It would be better if Whatsapp allowed admins to do this quietly without letting others know?

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Whatsapp Extended  Time Limits To Delete Group Messages

Whatsapp isn’t just for group admins. Even regular users can delete accidental messages. As said earlier, Whatsapp allows chat group members to delete any message they may send to the group. However, this option is only available for a limited amount of time, i.e., one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds. After this window, the user can no longer be able to remove the message.

The good news is that the new functionality has significantly extended the time limit by up to two days and twelve hours. Android Police, a top software news blog, reported this a few days ago.

Upcoming Whatsapp Update Likely To Be Embraced By Both Parties

For a long time, group admins have longed for more power to control the groups they are in charge of to ensure a great experience for every member. Currently, Whatsapp only allows them to remove people or ask them to delete their messages if they go against the group’s rules and regulations.

Getting someone to delete their message from a group can be a major hassle as some people are simply uncooperative and difficult to reason with. Yet expelling them can hurt the group, especially if you deal with many violators.

With the new update, all these moderation challenges will be gone as admins will have the power to get rid of undesired messages with a click of a button. There’s no doubt this is an update many Whatsapp group admins will be happy to see Meta unveil.

For group members, the embarrassing situation where you inadvertently sent an inappropriate picture or text to a Whatsapp group will be a thing of the past. With a window of up to two and a half days to delete the message, many people will have enough time to correct the wrong. Again, many users who enjoy being a part of Whatsapp groups will be pleased to see Meta introduce this update.

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