Whatsapp recently announced on Twitter that it’s adding a new feature to let you easily use any emoji of your choice. There are about 3363 different emojis available for use on Whatsapp.

Unfortunately, using these emojis, for the most part, requires you to go to the text field and tap the smiling icon on the left in Whatsapp to open and select from a myriad of emojis per category. Sometimes finding the right emoji from a sheer number of emojis can be daunting, especially if it’s a rare emoji or one you rarely use.

With this update, you won’t have to bother going to the text field and using effort to search for any emoji that you may wish to use. All you’ll need to do is to tap the message for two to three seconds. By doing so, all emojis will appear on your screen so that you can quickly select one. When you tap the emoji, it will automatically add to the message as a reaction.

It’s going to be a significant update because Whatsapp users are going to have an easy time when it comes to using emojis to express their emotions, thoughts, or ideas quickly. Notably, it’s going to apply to both Android and iOS platforms.

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Are Emoji Reactions All-New In Whatsapp?

Are Emoji Reactions All-New In Whatsapp

It won’t be an entirely new thing, though, as Whatsapp users have been able to use emojis in this manner but only with a limited number of emojis. Currently, Mouth Open, Tears Of Joy, Thumbs Up, Crying Face, Heart, and Joined Hands are the only emojis you can use by simply tapping on the message. As for the remaining emojis, you’ll need to tap the smiling icon on the left side of the text field to open them up and access them.

This update comes after calls by Whatsapp users for Meta to add more emoji reactions grew louder recently, making it difficult for the company not to do anything. The 26-second product introduction video shared by Whatsapp on Twitter shows feedback from several Whatsapp users, all of which seem to be putting a little pressure on the company to add more emoji reactions.

What’s The Reaction To Whatsapp’s New Emoji Update?

Meta’s move to introduce more emoji reactions to messages has been applauded by many. For example, WABetaInfo, an independent blog that offers Whatsapp news, new features, and updates, replied to Whatsapp’s announcement by writing “Finally” and including the Party Popper emoji.

Similarly, a Twitter user with the username” Heysurya__” wrote, “Definitely useful feature schedule messages.”

There’s no telling when exactly the new emoji reactions will become available to all. So far, we know that some Whatsapp users already have the update. To check whether or not you’re one of them, tap a message for 2-3 seconds. If the update is available, you’ll see a vast list of emojis below the text. But if it isn’t yet, you’ll only see six emojis.

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