It seems that the future is bright for “YouTubers” because YouTube is working on more ways to allow them to earn. For average internet users, the video platform is just a source of entertainment. For content creators, it’s a serious source of income that provides them with the potential to make millions of dollars annually. According to Forbes, MrBeast, last year’s highest earner on the video platform, made a whopping $54 plus.

Recent Content Monetisations Options For Youtube

Recent Content Monetization Options For Youtube 

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1. The 100 Million Dollar YouTube Shorts Fund

Introduced last year, the 100 Million Dollar YouTube Shorts Fund is a great way for content creators to make money from the video platform, using short videos up to 60 seconds long. This year, the company is expanding the number of creators that will be eligible for this fund. It’s also increasing the amount that creators can earn. This will put more money into the pockets of more creators. The move will see some creators earn up to $10000 in a single bonus.

2. YouTube Short Videos Creation Tool

YouTube is working on several tools that will enable good content creators to easily create innovative, original short videos that excite viewers and make money out of their videos. The company has already completed and rolled out its first-ever multi-segment camera. The camera enables you to string together several video clips, which are between 15 and 60 seconds long.

3. YouTube Tips Program

YouTube runs an incredible tips program that allows content creators to receive three different tips from viewers. Super Thanks is the first kind of tip that it offers. Initially, there were some eligibility criteria to qualify for it. But now, Google is opening it up to all content creators, and they will be able to earn between $2 and $50 per tip.

Super Chat is the second type of tip from this program that Google is extending to more content creators. This tip allows content creators to earn tips from their live streams easily. Again, the tip is between $2 and $50, and Google takes 30% of each tip. In return, the content creator will highlight the tip sender’s comment in the live chat. The latter will find it fulfilling.

Super Stickers is the third kind of tip from this program that Google is allowing more content creators to benefit from. Spanning across different categories, e.g., food, beauty, music, gaming, sports, and fashion, Super Stickers are animated stickers that content creators get from YouTube. Their viewers can send a tip of between 99 cents and $50 to see a sticker pop up in the live chat feed. Similarly, the content creator and Google take home 70% and 30% per tip, respectively.

4. YouTube Short Ads

In May this year, Jerry Dischler—Vice President / General Manager, Ads, released a press statement announcing that YouTube will gradually launch the short ads program. This will enable creators of short videos to feature ads in their “Shorts”(short YouTube videos) and consequently make money. YouTube has been experimenting with ads since last year, and the company admits this will be a great, long-term monetization solution for them.

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YouTube’s Latest Monetization Efforts For Content Creators A Win-Win Situation For Both Parties

YouTube’s latest efforts to help content creators make more money is a win-win situation for both parties. That’s because those efforts will encourage content creators to make more great content that will attract more revenue from viewers. In turn, the company is going to earn more commission. (c).

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