YouTube Go is a very common smartphone app that lets smartphone users stream YouTube, using less data. The popularity of this Android and iOS app can be attributed to the fact that Google makes sure it comes with many smartphones by default.

There’s no doubt that YouTube Go is very close to Google’s(the company that owns YouTube)heart, which explains why they keep on working to improve the app’s user experience. And it isn’t all for nothing. Remember that Google is very much aware of the current statistics, which indicate that mobile video streaming has increased three-fold since 2012 and that 25% of YouTube’s traffic comes from mobile devices. 

In YouTube Go’s most recent upgrade, Google has made sure that you can now cast the app on your TV. This ensures you enjoy all YouTube content in large visual formats and better graphics without sacrificing bandwidth. It also comes with an eye protection benefit since watching content on your phone for longer periods can result in serious eye damage

YouTube Go Supporting TV Devices

Cast YouTube Go On Your TV

According to the YouTube TV Help page, a range of non-mobile devices now supports YouTube Go casting. These include most Smart TVs(including Android TVs, Apple TVs, smart TVs with in-built Chromecast, and smart TVs with built-in AirPlay). The page is, however, quick to warn that those who are using a first-generation Chromecast may experience a 30-seconds delay alongside a higher rate of errors.

Getting The Best Out Of YouTube Go Television Experience

Integrating your smart TV with YouTube Go so that you can watch YouTube content on TV for less bandwidth is one thing. Knowing how to get the most out of the app is quite another. There’s more to YouTube than just watching movies(many of which are not so new), songs, and other forms of content.

You can now turn your YouTube Go app into a television decoder that gives you access to an extensive range of TV channels just the same way a typical decoder does. The best part is you don’t need to invest in an additional piece of hardware to accomplish that. All you need to do is to subscribe to YouTube TV, which offers live TV from over 85 television networks. These include the top TV channels in the world such as ABC, CBS News, NBC, Fox, Fox News Channel, ESPN, MSNBC, Discovery, National Geographic, and so on. 

Is YouTube Go Better Than A Traditional Cable Service?

The short answer is yes. YouTube TV in conjunction with YouTube Go offers more advantages than a traditional subscription cable service. Besides offering nearly all the TV channels you’ll get in mainstream cable services, this TV streaming service from Google also provides an incredible range of add-on packages. You can select from those packages to unlock even more entertainment as long as you don’t mind paying a little extra money. The price per add-on ranges from $2 to $30 a month even though many add-ons offer free trials so that you don’t pay for what you haven’t tested. 

What’s more, this app in conjunction with the above streaming service also lets you create up to six subscriber accounts per household. Yet it doesn’t end at that as it also lets you store hours upon hours of entertaining content on the cloud so that you can re-watch them in the future. Last but not least, the combo also lets you store your CCTV camera securely online for future reference. 

YouTube Go comes with the latest smartphones as a default application. While this app has, in the past, allowing mobile users to conveniently stream YouTube on their phones while conserving data, it now lets you cast or stream YouTube through your smart TV as well while minimizing your data consumption rate. 

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