The popular video conference platform Zoom entered into a partnership with Grammarly Business.

The partnership seeks to enhance the efficiency and consistency of written communication across Zoom’s sales, support, and global teams.

The platform desires to enrich customer satisfaction and team productivity by employing Grammarly Business’ AI-powered writing assistant.

What Is Zoom?

Initially launched in 2012, eight years before the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has become a familiar name for cloud conferences.

It is widely used for virtual team collaborations, meetings, and webinars. Globally, over 700,000 businesses currently use Zoom to meet their collaboration and communication needs.

Zoom’s video conferencing solution offers many easy-to-use features, including a chat app for quick communication, robust integrations, interactive tools like whiteboards, screen sharing, etc.

Its scalability and cost-effectiveness have made Zoom the preferred choice for 70% of Fortune 100 companies.

Zoom’s Changing Roles

Over time, Zoom’s primary role as a cloud meeting platform has evolved. Besides serving 85% of the Forbes Cloud 100, the leading private cloud companies, the platform has become indispensable to many industry verticals.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Financial Services

To meet customers’ demand for remote connectivity, 8 of the 10 largest U.S. banks use Zoom as their communication and service delivery medium. Zoom’s in-built security makes it an ideal choice for secure B2C communication.

  • Education

Zoom undoubtedly handled the demand for remote education during strict lockdowns. Many of its interactive features and the capability to hold smooth communication with a class-sized audience enabled Zoom to occupy a dominant spot in the education sector.

  • Healthcare

Zoom also helped health delivery organizations and the health system meet the ever-increasing patient needs.

The roles and the demand for Zoom’s services have drastically changed. It has become mandatory for the marketing team to scale its capability to produce communication and content to meet the needs of new customers.

Zoom’s Demands

The expanded role of Zoom raises a few critical demands:

  • Agility: The platform depends on the agility of content teams to produce persuasive customer-facing communication pieces.
  • Quality: The quality of written communication should remain top-notch, free from grammatical and usage-related errors. Specifically, it could be necessary for some global teams where English is not the native language.
  • Potency: Communication includes both internal and external pieces. Besides external communication that can impact the customer experience, company efficiency often depends on internal communication.

Grammarly Business

Grammarly is a popular cloud-native typing assistant checking English texts’ spelling, grammar, punctuation, and stylistic issues.

The platform offers Grammarly Business, customized to meet the team’s productivity requirements regarding written texts.

Grammarly Business offers real-time line editing suggestions to content and copywriters, enabling them to deliver error-free, sophisticated, and goal-oriented writing.

Grammarly Business Key Features

Among the critical features of Grammarly Business, these must be mentioned-

  1. Advance suggestions for consistency issues and delivery style.
  2. In-depth grammar and spelling check.
  3. Grammarly Business offers Style Guides to bring more consistency to brands’ content. Users can predefine and enforce the use, spelling, and formatting of specific words, terms, etc.
  4. The Grammarly AI can provide apt suggestions aligned with the tonality of the writing.
  5. It is customizable to the particular form of writing in the works, like Academic writing, business writing, etc.
  6. SAML single sign-on enables team members to access Grammarly Business through a third-party identity provider service.
  7. Grammarly Business offers Snippets, which are reusable phrases, sentences, paragraphs, etc., to save time and effort in editing.
  8. 256-bit encryption offering industry-grade security to documents.

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How Does Grammarly Business Benefits Zoom

Zoom Integrates Grammarly Business For Better Marketing Communication Key Takeaways

Image credits: Grammarly & Zoom

For Zoom’s global marketing and support teams, Grammarly Business brings AI-enabled services that solve complex grammatical issues and fix punctuation and spelling errors. All these issues could impact how the customer perceives Zoom’s branding.

Grammarly Business’ services will make Zoom’s rapidly-growing communication content more consistent in voice. It will align future content with the brands’ style faster and more effectively.

Also, the correctness, clearness, tone, and style of writing will be more sophisticated and free from typos and other human errors.

Grammarly Business’ text snippets will save more time for writers and bring down average production time.

Hopefully, the content team at Zoom can be more productive without losing their content quality.

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