Enterprise Vault 10 Adds Social Content Archiving

By Stuart J. Johnston

Symantec Monday began shipping the latest version of its enterprise content archiving tool, which adds data loss prevention technologies as well as archiving and eDiscovery of social media interactions.

The new release of Symantec's (NASDAQ: SYMC) email and content archiving software -- dubbed Enterprise Vault 10 -- has been in beta test since early May.

"[Enterprise Vault 10] features Symantec's data loss prevention technology to analyze Microsoft Exchange email content and metadata to help determine the archiving and retention strategy for all messages, a company statement said.

Additionally, as use of social media in business has burgeoned, preserving both content and context of such communications has become an increasingly critical function for storage professionals, particularly in highly litigious or highly regulated industries.

Therefore, enterprise Vault 10 adds technology to not only aid in data loss protection but also to classify and archive the results of social network use.

"We've increased the scale and performance of Enterprise Vault so our customers can effectively archive and eDiscovery the millions of records employees are creating by email, social media, SharePoint and file systems," Brian Dye, vice president of product management at Symantec, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Enterprise Vault 10 also provides a Data Classification Service that uses Symantec's data loss prevention technology to automatically classify email and assign appropriate archiving and retention policies. Further, classifications can also be used as filters to accelerate search and review processes for eDiscovery.

Called Symantec's Clearwell eDiscovery platform, the technology lets customers process, analyze, and review records for internal audits, legal eDiscovery and corporate governance purposes. Using it, organizations can demonstrate a chain of custody for each document across the entire process, from archiving and preservation through review and production.

Finally, among other new features added in Enterprise Vault 10 are the ability to relocate less-often used data off of primary storage and place higher-importance information on faster, more expensive storage. The new release also adds global deduplication, enabling more economical use of storage by minimizing duplicated information.

Stuart J. Johnston is a contributing editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @stuartj1000.

This article was originally published on August 02, 2011