Recommind Simplifies eDiscovery With End-to-End Management

By Thor Olavsrud

As the sheer volume of data maintained by organizations increases, the cost and complexity of eDiscovery is skyrocketing. Predictive information management software specialist Recommind, maker of the Axcelerate eDiscovery suite, wants to smooth out some of that complexity with a fully integrated platform that manages the eDiscovery process from end to end.

Recommind Thursday updated its Axcelerate eDiscovery suite with new management capabilities intended to make the platform seamlessly available throughout the entire eDiscovery process regardless of the location of the data.

"We're seeing organizations struggle not just with the complexity of their cases under management, but with the unwieldy combinations of point tools they're using to navigate the eDiscovery process," said Bob Tennant, chief executive officer of Recommind. "As data volumes and complexity continue to grow and the pressure increases to respond quickly to lawsuits and regulation, having multiple handoffs of data increases the chance of costly mistakes and management complexity to an unsustainable level. eDiscovery is hard enough without having to worry about passing data from one vendor's product to another across many different systems, vendors and technologies."

He added, "Unnecessary risk and complexity simply have no place in eDiscovery. Every part of Axcelerate eDiscovery is built on the same CORE platform, which is available on-premise and in the cloud, so our customers' experience is seamless. Having one consistent technology foundation minimizes the potential for error while maximizing efficiency, ease of management and consistency across the entire eDiscovery process -- whether customers want on-premise software, cloud-based software or both."

Axcelerate eDiscovery suite consists of the Axcelerate ECA & Collection and Axcelerate Review & Analysis products. It also includes Axcelerate On-Demand, which makes the capabilities of the other two products available in the cloud. The products are built on Recommind's Context Optimized Relevancy Engine (CORE) technology for search and categorization, which provides the index for identification, ECA and collection, predictive coding, analysis and production.

The update, Axcelerate eDiscovery 4.3, includes a number of enhancements designed to make the suite's collection process shorter, simpler and faster while making the review process more efficient. The features include:

  • One-Step Collection, which provides enhanced indexing and storage of collected files
  • A new monitoring application for single-step management of multiple systems and monitoring of concept-group creation, phrase extraction and training-group creation and improved alert notification
  • Enhanced Search Query Editor, which includes a unique-hits report and fielded search abilities
  • Enhanced Predictive Sampling functionality, to account for smaller document sets

"Recommind's software has dramatically changed the way we handle eDiscovery," said Woods Abbott, senior manager of Legal Operations/eDiscovery at Raytheon. "Axcelerate's Predictive Coding technology and workflows allow us to review documents exponentially faster and cheaper than we ever could in the past. We've been able to eliminate the tedious first-pass review stage and are leveraging Predictive Coding to streamline the efficiency of our review. And with Predictive Sampling built in, we can be confident that the results of our computer-assisted coding are even more accurate and defensible than human review alone."

Thor Olavsrud is a contributor to InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals.

This article was originally published on January 27, 2012