Symantec Begins Beta of Enterprise Vault 10

By Stuart J. Johnston

Symantec said it has begun beta testing the latest version of its Enterprise Vault archiving platform, which it describes as a significant update that adds new data classification services along with support for archiving social media such as Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

The upcoming version 10 of Symantec's (NASDAQ: SYMC) archiving software adds new integration with the company's data loss prevention and encryption technologies, according to the company.

The company also announced Enterprise Vault.cloud, Symantec's software-as-a-service offering that is designed to give customers unlimited cloud storage for email for a flat fee per mailbox per month.

"Information streams are evolving from email to social networks and archives are moving from on-premise to the cloud, causing IT administrators to lose sleep over managing information and lawyers to debate new retention policies," Brian Dye, Symantec vice president of product management, said in a statement.

Among important new features coming in Enterprise Vault 10 is Symantec's Data Classification Service (DCS). It takes advantage of Symantec's data loss prevention technology to analyze email content and metadata in order to automatically classify emails and assign appropriate archiving and retention policies to them.

"This content-aware intelligent classification helps organizations create an automated, repeatable method of classifying and storing relevant email, while providing the ability to discard irrelevant e-mail, which helps control archive storage and operational costs," a Symantec statement said.

Among Enterprise Vault 10's aims are to reduce email and file storage costs, consolidate storage and server footprints, and to streamline backup and recovery by moving older, less-often accessed data from production storage into a centralized archive, it continued.

Meanwhile, the company said it is also debuting new capabilities for its Enterprise Vault.cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) public cloud offering, providing a no hardware and no software solution for email compliance, storage management, and e-discovery. For a flat fee per mailbox per month subscription customers receive unlimited cloud storage for email.

Additionally, Symantec announced a hybrid storage service offering in conjunction with partner Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN). "Enterprise Vault Cloud Storage for Nirvanix enables Enterprise Vault customers to use cloud storage as a secondary tier for archiving while maintaining the ease of management through a single interface and lowering cost," Symantec said.

The point, Danny Milrad, senior manager of marketing for Enterprise Vault, is to help customers ease into the cloud.

"[Customers] are keeping the vault on premise but the storage is on the cloud," Milrad told InternetNews.com.

"The goal is to provide customers with the choice of three deployment models: on premise, hybrid, and in the cloud," another Symantec spokesperson added.

Enterprise Vault 10 is slated for general availability later this year.

This article was originally published on May 06, 2011