CloudBerry Lab, a Newport Beach, Calif.-based cloud backup specialist, wants to help SMBs maintain multiple data backups on the cloud with the release CloudBerry Backup v3.8.

According to Alexey Serkov, CloudBerry Lab CTO, the new software tackles some of the thornier issues of managing backups on multi-cloud environments. While the data centers of major cloud services providers are generally robust, they can’t protect against every risk to backup data.

Cloud backup services are gaining in popularity, particularly among SMBs. They allow smaller firms — often lacking in big IT budgets or technical know-how — to safeguard their vital files on off-site, enterprise-grade data centers. For an affordable subscription fee, business can trade juggling external hard drives and tapes, for automated backups and the ability to recover data after disaster strikes.

Despite these benefits, 100 percent data protection isn’t always assured. Asserting in a statement that “leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure guarantee data durability and accessibility,” Serkov said that restoring accidentally deleted or corrupted files falls outside of their purview.

“New CloudBerry Backup v3.8 allows organizations ensure cloud-based data is protected and available for granular file-level restore at any time,” added Serkov.

The updated software now provides cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-local backup services that support over 15 public cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Rackspace, Softlayer and HP Cloud. CloudBerry Backup is compatible with OpenStack, the popular open source cloud computing platform. The new version adds support for Microsoft SQL Server clusters.

One important caveat applies. “Cloud to cloud backup runs through the computer where CloudBerry Backup is installed. For local computers data will be downloaded locally and re-uploaded to another cloud. For EC2 or Azure [instances] data stays inside the cloud,” said the company in a blog post.

A new built-in backup search feature enables users to quickly search and restore individual files. Other features include backup job scheduling, selective file-type backups and configurable retention policies.

Email notifications have been revamped, providing restore job alerts and better insights into issues affecting backups. Users can now set CloudBerry Backup to purge old versions of files that have been backed up.

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