Cloudian Aims Object Storage Solution at OpenStack Setups

By Pedro Hernandez

Plug-and-play cloud storage for OpenStack? Cloudian says the time has come.

Cloudian, a Foster City, Calif.-based storage software company, has teamed with Linux sever and high performance computing (HPC) specialist Penguin Computing and chipmaker Intel for a new bundled offering that delivers enterprise-grade object storage capabilities to OpenStack environments.

Powering the system on the software side is the Cloudian platform. The software offers S3 API compatibility, enabling hybrid cloud scenarios that leverage Amazon's market-leading public cloud ecosystem. The 2.4 release of Cloudian introduced new API calls, including Delete Bucket Lifecycle, Delete Bucket Website and Put Bucket Lifecycle, among others.

Further, the company asserts that its tech features full integration with OpenStack's Nova, Glance, Horizon and Keystone, assuring seamless operation with compute, image, instrumentation and identity services components, respectively. The storage software is currently running production workloads in the data centers of NTT and LunaCloud, states Cloudian.

The storage system, set to ship during the first quarter of 2014, targets enterprises that are leveraging the popular open source platform and seeking to pack a lot of cloud computing into their data centers.

As part of the strategy to court those customers, the companies have turned to Intel's power-sipping, 64-bit Atom C2000 chips. In a statement, Bev Crair, general manager of Intel's Storage Division, asserted that businesses are driving demand for turnkey, enterprise-grade, OpenStack solutions.

"To meet this growing demand, Cloudian and Penguin Computing have created a solution that takes advantage of the 64-bit architecture, 5X performance increase over our prior generation, and 50% lower power offered by the Intel Atom C2000 processor," stated Crair. "This solution helps customers rapidly deploy large scale, high-density cloud implementations," she added.

Representing "a first to market for the OpenStack ecosystem," according to the companies, the Intel Atom C2000-based turnkey cloud storage solution may also help set the stage for greener, more energy-efficient OpenStack clouds.

"Power, cooling and manageability are the biggest challenges faced by modern datacenters and the enterprise," noted Penguin Computing CEO Charles Wuischpard, in company remarks. He describes the decision to base a system on the Intel Atom C2000, OpenStack and Cloudian's S3 compatible object storage software as "near instant."

Wuischpard also expects that organizations of all sizes will find the product up to snuff. "The solution is an ideal platform for service providers, the enterprise, and SMBs alike," he stated.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at Linux Today. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

This article was originally published on November 04, 2013