Duracell, famous for its “Copper Top” line of batteries for gadgets, has released a cloud backup service for SMBs.

Called Duracell Cloud Storage for Business, the product blends local and cloud-based storage for a solution that “is 250-1000 times faster than most cloud storage providers,” boasts the company on its website. In addition, it provides secure, file syncing to remote PCs and mobile devices.

Each Duracell Cloud Storage subscription includes a local Cloud Server, a network-attached device that ranges in size from 1 to 64 TB, and supports automated backup clients for PCs and servers. Data is stored twice on the Cloud Server and twice in the cloud, ensuring redundancy and a robust level of disaster recovery.

On the security front, all data is subject to 128-bit encryption in flight and 256-bit encryption at rest. Duracell’s storage cloud consists of four “military grade” Class 4 data centers, one of which is situated 60 feet underground.

The service also includes 24/7 concierge support services. Another perk is unlimited storage for a flat fee.

The Duracell Cloud starter plan, dubbed Medium Business, includes 2 TB of local storage and support for 20 agents for $199.99. The Medium Business+ plan offers 4 TB of local storage and support for 30 agents and 1 server for $399.99 per month.

The Denver Post reports that Duracell Cloud is anchored by Minnesota-based Condre Storage’s hardware, software and cloud storage. Local cloud servers, which bear a resemblance to desktop NAS devices, will be offered at retailers for free “but with a contract commitment and the first month’s service fee due at checkout,” according to the paper’s Andy Vuong. A consumer-grade version is planned for the third quarter.

Duracell cloud is wading into an increasingly crowded cloud storage, backup and file sync and share market. Currently, it competes against enterprise cloud storage specialist Box, which has built up an expansive data center footprint with the help of Equinix.

Although a consumer favorite, Dropbox has been beefing up its enterprise bona fides with new business plans and teaming with Dell to provide cloud-based data protection for Dell systems and PCs.