eSilo is readying backup and disaster recovery software that the company claims will provide high performance while safeguarding enterprise-wide data in the cloud by incrementally backing up distributed data.

As more companies move to the cloud, many organizations have identified backup and restore as a critical service.

eSilo’s SiloSphere software is optimized for global backup and disaster recovery in cloud computing environments, according to company officials.

SiloSphere separates management of data, metadata and revision control, enabling the software to easily accommodate additional storage nodes — called SiloNodes — anywhere globally.

“Fundamentally, our technology is based on metadata,” says Jerry Jeffries, eSilo’s CEO. In cloud computing environments, data can be stored anywhere so SiloSphere is highly distributed.

Despite being distributed, SiloSphere has a centralized management interface that provides storage administrators with a single “cohesive” backup and recovery platform that can scale to multiple petabytes.

One of the keys to SiloSphere’s performance is the ability to deduplicate data globally. Also, SiloSphere uses a proprietary Reduplication process that rehydrates data on the restore target instead of on the archive server, which speeds up recovery times, according to the company.

Additionally, a feature that eSilo calls Backive stores all backup data in an online archive, which allows users to search on the datasets without having to first perform a recovery operation.

Further, SiloSphere backs up and restores incrementally, helping to speed up backup/recovery operations.

eSilo is pitching SiloSphere to managed service providers (MSPs) as a way to provide their customers with global backup and disaster recovery services.

SiloSphere is currently in beta, and will be released by the end of this quarter, according to Jeffries.

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