Oracle debuts cloud file system

The Oracle Cloud File System, released this week, gives IT organizations the ability to readily access a pool of storage resources in an “elastic cloud” system. The cloud file system is designed to help companies deploy their applications, databases and storage in a cloud environment, according to an article posted on InfoStor partner site Datamation.

“If you look at the NIST definition, the three key characteristics of the cloud are resource pooling, network access and rapid elasticity. [The Oracle Cloud File System] creates a cloud-like pool that lets you share your infrastructure across your databases and also add storage,” said Bob Thome, Oracle’s director of product management.

The cloud file system includes the Oracle Automatic Storage Management Dynamic Volume Manager, which supports Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System, as well as third-party file systems such as Linux ext3.

The Oracle Cloud File System also takes advantage of Oracle Automatic Storage Management to automate the striping and mirroring of data without the need for third-party volume management software, according to the article.

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This article was originally published on February 11, 2011