Seagate and Iron Mountain Head Underground for Cloud Server Backups

By Pedro Hernandez

In a bid to provide cloud-based server data protection services for enterprises, Seagate and Iron Mountain are digging deep.

The companies announced today that they are partnering to provide Seagate's EVault Cloud Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery service from Iron Mountain's National Underground Data Center near Pittsburg. The facility is nestled in a 145-acre former limestone mine situated 220 feet below ground.

As part of the deal, Iron Mountain will resell EVault Cloud Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery. Seagate, in turn, has agreed to co-locate some of its data center operations to the data center.

Seagate acquired EVault, an early online backup and recovery specialist, in 2006 for approximately $185 million. With over 8,500 customers at the time, the EVault buy enabled Cupertino, Calif.-based Seagate to establish a solid foothold on the growing market for cloud storage services.

Seagate's Mike Palmer, senior vice president and general manager of Cloud Systems and Solutions, described the latest move as "an incredible partnership between two global data management leaders," in a statement. "The unique combination of our cloud systems and solutions being housed in Iron Mountain's highly secure and compliant data center provides organizations with unparalleled security, reliability, and confidence."

Encased hundreds of feet underground, the data center is resistant to the effects of most natural disasters. It features a Tier III design (99.982 percent availability), with the capability upgrade to Tier IV (99.995 percent availability).

Eileen Sweeney, senior vice president and general manager of the company's Data Management unit, remarked that her company was "very happy to provide this level of reliability to Iron Mountain and Seagate customers," in a statement. "We take data backup and storage very seriously, much like Seagate, so it was a natural fit for our companies to join forces."

Together, the companies will provide continuous server backups and cloud-based disaster recovery in a centralized environment. The service supports Windows, Linux and Unix servers. Backups are de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted to help save on storage space and keep data safe.

The alliance is "one to watch" and offers "unique combination of technology and trust," according to senior data protection analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group, Jason Buffington.

"Combining Seagate’s expertise as an early innovator in hybrid data protection, built on on-premises appliances and cloud repositories, with Iron Mountain's solid reputation as a trusted protector of data and assets, should be a welcome pairing for customers and partners looking for hybrid protection," added Buffington in a statement.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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This article was originally published on December 01, 2014