CommVault Tricks Out Simpana Backup, Archiving

By Thor Olavsrud

Data management software company CommVault Wednesday tricked out its Simpana software suite with upgrades that bring together its backup, archiving and reporting solutions into a unified platform.

The suite is intended to help customers unleash the power of Big Data while shrinking backup windows, accelerating the adoption of virtualization and achieving the vision of IT as a Service.

"Today's global businesses are governed by two key drivers: unprecedented rates of data growth and the increasing need for instant data access to cost effectively extract data for timelier, more informed decision-making," said N. Robert Hammer, chairman, president and chief executive officer of CommVault (NASDAQ:QVLT). "Traditional data backup methods are being replaced as customers demand better ways to protect, manage and access data in order to derive greater value from this information. With our latest Simpana software innovations, CommVault continues to lead the industry in helping businesses move rapidly toward more efficient, self-service infrastructures, while redefining how data is managed to increase its ultimate business value."

According to IDC, the volume of data in the world is now doubling every two years. Dave Russell, research vice president for Storage Technologies and Strategies at Gartner, has said this surge in data is creating business, IT and economic challenges that are compounded by the influx of mobile computing devices that is driving ever more business-critical data to the edge and the cloud.

"More than two-thirds of all organizational data resides outside the data center, and the majority of that is unprotected by IT," Russell said in a Gartner U.S. Data Center conference presentation in December 2010.

In 2011, Gartner said traditional content types -- including simple unstructured user data -— reached growth rates of 80 percent year-over-year. CommVault said this growth is putting a severe strain on organizations that lack the resources and budget to manage, protect, index and retain massive amounts of unstructured data using legacy methods and tools.

"The bottom line trend that we're starting to see is that unstructured data is becoming a real problem to manage from a protection standpoint and from a cost standpoint," said Jeff Echols, senior director of marketing and business development at CommVault. "It's resulting in these gigantic file systems to protect and manage. And it's starting to break as data growth goes through the roof."

CommVault's answer is Simpana OnePass, which converges backup, archive, analytics and deduplication into a single process that it says reduces combined operations time by more than 50 percent compared with traditional methods. Because data is only moved once, redundant backup, archive and reporting processes are eliminated from the backup window, while integrated source-side deduplication and deduplication-aware synthetic full backups remove the majority of the workload impact on production systems.

It uses a single data collection, from which information is copied, indexed and stored in Simpana ContentStore, an intelligent virtual repository that serves as the foundation for eDiscovery, data mining, retention and other functions. Organizations can perform data analytics and reporting from the index for classification and implementing archive policies for data tiering.

Meanwhile, CommVault has enhanced its Simpana SnapProtect technology with integration with a broad array of hardware using its new IntelliSnap Connect Program. Its support for disk-based snapshot management now includes integration with Dell Compellent, EqualLogic and MD arrays; EMC's DMX, VMAX and VNX platforms; Hitachi Data Systems' VSP, USPv and AMS; HP's EVA and 3PAR arrays; IBM's XIV and SVC; and storage arrays from NetApp, including recently acquired LSI storage arrays.

CommVault has also provided deeper integration with NetApp, for end-to-end automation across snapshots, provisioning and replication storage architectures.

Meanwhile, it has also enhanced Simpana Virtual Server Protection to help organizations accelerate the adoption of virtualization. Its new reference architectures leverage Simpana SnapProtect to protect virtual servers, and it has added new self-service recovery options for VMware.

On the edge, CommVault's new Edge Data Protection solution provides centralized protection for Windows, Mac and Linux systems, including self-service backup and recovery, while integrated content indexing centralizes discovery of edge data.

CommVault has also added tools for SharePoint management to help organizations manage growing SharePoint deployments. It uses binary large object (BLOB) storage integration for archiving to streamline performance while automating data tiering.

Thor Olavsrud is a contributor to InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals.

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This article was originally published on February 01, 2012