CA Technologies today announced four enhancements to two products that fall under the general CA ARCserve umbrella: ARCserve Replication and ARCserve High Availability.

A Multi-Stream Replication feature is designed primarily for users replicating large data sets over high-latency WANs, possibly eliminating the need for an expensive high-bandwidth, low-latency WAN link. Multi-Stream Replication enables up to ten different streams simultaneously.

The speed improvement gained from Multi-Stream Replication depends on a number of factors – including WAN bandwidth, the application, amount of data, etc. – but Bennett Klein, CA Technologies’ senior director of product marketing, says that users can expect at least a 2X performance improvement.

A Custom Application Protection Wizard helps users protect their line-of-business applications (e.g., accounting, CRM, ERP or any third-party or custom applications) by reducing or eliminating the need to write custom scripts. The wizard enables administrators to easily choose between various storage services.

A Customer Conduit is now included as part of the ARCserve management console GUI, and provides links to social networking sites and other resources for online technical support, enhancement requests, user community discussions, and documentation resources.

In addition, CA extended support for the latest versions of Microsoft applications, including Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010 SP1, and Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

The enhancements are a follow-up to CA Technologies’ major r15 release of ARCserve in May.

For ARCserve Replication, the r15 release included offline synchronization for faster replication, multiple replication levels (continuous, periodic, ad-hoc), support for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM v4 and Exchange 2010, and support for NTFS sparse files.

ARCserve High Availability r15 included the ability to replicate or failover entire physical or virtual servers, including OS, system state, applications and data. Additional enhancements in ARCserve High Availability r15 included server group management, support for Unix and Linux, and support for Exchange 2010 and Dynamics CRM v4.