Automating IT Disaster Recovery

By Drew Robb

For data center administrators, improvising when disaster strikes is a bad idea -- though it may be necessary. When a natural disaster or similar event hits the data center, the IT department needs to be ready.

Given the importance, here are eight tips to help you out. (For additional tips, see our earlier article on IT disaster recovery).

Automate Disaster Recovery

When handling day-to-day emergencies, it is easy to forget about the possible disaster that may or may not occur at some point down the road. Then, when a real disaster hits, personnel may be missing, will definitely be under pressure and prone to making mistakes.

“Automated DR understands the precise order and procedures and applies this understanding to the recovery process,” says Ralph Wynn, technical director of product marketing at FalconStor. “It eliminates human error and returns the organization back to normal operations within minutes, instead of hours or days.”

Taking Care of the Physical/Virtual Interaction

With multilayered technology, different parts of a service can be running on VMware arrays, physical appliances, appliances, storage networks and in the cloud. Each of these can have its own backup and restore procedures, all of which need to work together seamlessly.

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This article was originally published on October 07, 2013