Disaster recovery tips for SMBs

According to an end-user survey conducted by Symantec, nearly half of all SMBs do not have a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place, and 40% said that disaster preparedness was not a priority. The Symantec survey also revealed that, on average, an SMB experiences six computer outages a year, yet less than 50% of SMBs back up their data on a weekly basis.

One of the main reasons that SMBs do not have disaster recovery plans is the perception that DR is too expensive and complex. However, an article posted on InfoStor partner site Small Business Computing provides five tips for SMBs looking for inexpensive and relatively simple DR.

--Hosting (e.g., software-as-a-service)

--Online backup and recovery  (cloud-based backup). Examples include Mozy, Carbonite, Jungle Disk, Iron Mountain and many, many more. For more information, visit InfoStor’s cloud storage topic center. 

--Partner with another SMB and back up each other’s data, often at no cost.

--Use inexpensive NAS devices for backup and recovery. Greg Schulz, an analyst with the Server and StorageIO Group, suggests vendors such as Buffalo, Drobo and Iomega.

Read the full article, by Drew Robb, on smallbusinesscomputing.com: “5 Cheap and Easy Disaster Recovery Tips”

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This article was originally published on February 17, 2011