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For CIOs, the top-of-mind issue is how to reduce the cost of IT operations. With storage volume the biggest cost driver for IT, all storage management functions are directly in the spotlight. Furthermore, the concerns of Line of Business (LoB) executives over business continuity are helping to drive the next wave of IT projects. In a competitive 24x7x365 environment, computer downtime represents more than lost revenue to sales and marketing executives. These executives equate computer outages with potential losses in customer confidence and market share and expect IT to meet an RTO that is measured in minutes and an RPO measured in hours rather than in days.

Avamar never creates incremental backup files from CBT-based backups. Instead of storing a discrete set of backup files, Avamar creates a global block space for the universe of protected systems. As a result, a full system image can always be navigated within the virtual block space for every recovery point of every protected system.

What’s more, Avamar collects CBT meta data on each backup, which provides a means to minimize the amount of data transferred in a restore operation of a logical volume. Rather than simply restore all of the data associated with a volume at the selected recovery point, Avamar compares the current CBT data from the VM virtual proxy with the meta data associated with the recovery point to determine the explicit data that needs to be changed in order return the VM to its state at the recovery point.

With Avamar, IT can double down on the advantages garnered in CBT-based backup processing to implement frequent automated backups to provide minimally spaced recovery points for mission critical systems. This strategy in turn minimizes the amount of data needed to be transferred in a restore operation, As a result, an IT strategy that optimizes RPO also optimizes RTO with Avamar.

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Jack Fegreus is Managing Director of openBench Labs; consults through Ridgetop Research; and contributes to InfoStor and Open Magazine. Previously he was Editor in Chief of Open Magazine, Data Storage, BackOffice CTO, Client/Server Today, and Digital Review. Jack also served as CTO of Strategic Communications, a consultant to Demax Software, and IT Director at Riley Stoker Corp. Jack holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and worked on Lie Algebras the application of computers to symbolic logic.

This article was originally published on July 17, 2013

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