InMage to Unify Backup, Disaster Recovery

By Kenneth Corbin

As technologies like virtualization and cloud computing penetrate more deeply into the enterprise, many businesses are having to rethink their backup and disaster recovery strategies.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based InMage is among the firms looking to displace traditional data protection approaches, offering a unified, scalable solution that pairs with heterogeneous networking environments and supports a patchwork of storage and server implementations.

"As storage networking became a major force in the industry, we realized that conventional data protection approaches would not meet evolving requirements and sought to create a solution to this problem," InMage co-founder and CTO Rajeev Atluri said of the company's founding in 2002.

InMage is a channel-oriented company that maintains a distribution network of OEM, VAR and systems integrator partners.

The firm's core product offerings include the Scout software solution that can protect data Windows, Linux and Unix servers connected to DAS, NAS or SAN storage. Additionally, InMage touts its vContinuum product as a unified backup and disaster recovery solution for VMware virtual machine environments, featuring block-level asynchronous replication with minimal impact on production machines.

"We transform the ways companies protect and recover two of their major assets -- business data and applications," Atluri said. "The current enterprise environment requires these assets to be continuously accessible and recoverable after simple downtime events or natural disasters."

For managed service providers, InMage offers a cloud-based recovery platform dubbed ScoutCloud, a multi-tenant portal that promises scalability and cost savings in a model the company describes as recovery-as-a-service.

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This article was originally published on January 17, 2012