With the amount of user data doubling globally every two years, according to a recent report, data administrators and the hardware and software OEMs that serve them are constantly under pressure to make that information more compact and more efficient to store and retrieve.

According to the latest IDC Digital Universe study, released in late June and entitled, “Extracting Value from Chaos,” just this year, the amount of newly created or replicated data will reach 1.8 trillion bytes — or 1.8 zettabytes — of information.

Today Permabit Technology, a vendor of data optimization software for hardware and software OEMs, announced an expanded application programming interface (API) based on its Albireo software for deduplication.

The upgraded software works across the entire IT stack, including the application, database and operating system layers, throughout all storage tiers (including the cloud), backup, and across networks, according to a Permabit statement.

Dubbed “dedupe everywhere,” the technology ensures that data is in deduplicated form from the point of creation to its final storage or usage destination.

“Dedupe everywhere is like dedupe for end-to-end storage on steroids. The ability to interface with any storage product, operating system, database or application on the market and to target duplicate data where it resides, everywhere, is a positive impact on the IT stack,” Tom Cook, CEO of Permabit, said in the statement.

With the Albireo API update, since data efficiency is maintained throughout the data lifecycle, performance is optimized across the entire IT stack and data safety is maintained [resulting] in compounded savings in processing cycles, incremental storage acquisitions, reduction of the storage footprint and lower operating costs, the company said.

Permabit’s Albireo software was originally designed to address any and all block, file, object, or unified storage systems. With the latest expansion, however, the technology has been extended to integrate with any application, operating system or storage product, including new solid-state drives (SSD) technology, within a vendor’s portfolio, Permabit said.

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