Quantum Corp. announced two new models in its DXi6700 Series disk backup appliances Tuesday that include the ability to distribute deduplication functions across the network to where those tasks are most appropriately performed, thus lowering network bandwidth demands.

Among other features, the new Quantum (NYSE: QTM) DXi6701 and DX6702 appliances also provide multi-protocol interface support for use in mid-range and enterprise environments, accompanied by the company’s DXi Accent software which enables data deduplication to be distributed to backup servers, according to company statements.

“The new additions to the DXi-Series provide unmatched flexibility for where deduplication takes place on the network,” the statements said.

The DXi6701 and DXi6702 can support CIFS and NFS shares, Fibre Channel Virtual Tape Library presentation, and Symantec OpenStorage (OST) Logical Storage Unit (LSU) protocols.

The Quantum DXi6700 family delivers 5.8 TB per hour (1610 MB per second) in backup performance, using VTL or OST interfaces, or 5.0 TB per hour (1389 MB per second) in NAS environments.

Further, the DXi6701 comes standard equipped with 1 GbE connectivity, while the DXi6702 comes with 10 GbE connectivity. The DXi6701 can be field upgraded to 10 GbE, making it into a DXi6702, however, the statements said.

Additionally, appliances in the DXi6700 Series can be configured with between 8 TB and 80 TB of usable disk storage capacity.

Meanwhile, the systems support two deduplication models. In what Quantum calls “target mode,” all data is sent from the media servers to the appliance for deduplication, while in “hybrid mode,” stage one deduplication is performed on the media server with only unique data being sent to the appliance for deduplication.

Using the hybrid method, only unique blocks of data are moved, lowering network demands on LANs and WANs, the company statements said.

The DXi6701 starts at $58,000. Both models are available this month.

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