Sepaton Doubles Down on Backup Performance, Security

By Pedro Hernandez

Fast or secure?

When it comes to backups, IT organizations typically have to pick one or the other. According to enterprise data protection specialist Sepaton, that changes today with the launch of the company's S2100-ES3 series 2925 backup appliance, with version 7.0 software.

Thanks in part to new HP DL380p-based controllers, which pack dual 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2690 server processors that operate at 2.90GHz, 128 GB of memory and new Exar 1845 compression cards, Sepaton's latest storage systems can ingest and protect backup data at a rate of up to 80 TB per hour -- a rate that is twice as fast as previous versions of the product and two to eight times faster than competing systems.

Add a streamlined encryption key management console and the S2100-ES3 series 2925 adds up to a backup platform built "to enable the encryption of data at rest without performance penalty," said Florin Dejeu director of product management for Sepaton.

In addition to raw speed, the Sepaton's hardware and software combo allows for "both compression and encryption in a unified pipeline," greatly simplifying storage and security management tasks, informed Dejeu.

Sepaton S2100-ES3 series 2925 appliances integrates with all OASIS KMIP compliant enterprise key management (EKMs) platforms, allowing IT shops to avoid vendor lock-in. They also carry RSA and Thales qualification, with more to come, teased the company.

The appliances also offer an expanded assortment of networking options. Systems can now connect via "four 8Gb Fibre Channel (FC) connections, two 8Gb FC connections to storage, two 10Gb Ethernet, and four 1Gb Ethernet connections for faster ingest performance and multiprotocol support," boasts the company.

For enterprises juggling the demands of big backup workloads, the new systems hit the sweet spot, said Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Jason Buffington.

"Today’s large IT organizations are cutting costs by investing in better approaches to deduplication, more scalable/manageable data protection architectures and smarter synergies between software and hardware," said Buffington in press remarks.

"With this product release, Sepaton builds upon its heritage of scale-out deduplication for large enterprises to deliver systems like the Sepaton S2100-ES3, which they designed to enable a single administrator to manage tens of petabytes of data within a single system, in order to help their customers control costs, maintain high levels of service and protect important corporate information in very large production environments," he concluded.

Sepaton CEO Mike Thompson said that the Sepaton S2100-ES3 targets environments where Big Data is pushing storage systems – and administrators – to their limits. "This product is specifically designed to address the challenges facing today’s enterprise and government data centers: explosive data growth, budget constraints, costly data center complexity, and increasing risk," he said in a statement.

"The new Sepaton product delivers the performance needed to meet the most stringent backup windows, the flexibility to adapt to changes in IT infrastructures, and the added security of encryption of data at rest," added Thompson.

Sepaton S2100-ES3 series 2925 is available now. Prices start at $355,000, encryption costs extra.

This article was originally published on March 11, 2013