Symantec Integrates Archive and eDiscovery, Acquires LiveOffice

By Thor Olavsrud

Symantec Tuesday continued its quest to broaden its archiving and eDiscovery footprint. The Mountain View, Calif.-based firm announced its plans to expand the integration of its Enterprise Vault archiving solution and Clearwell eDiscovery Platform. It also announced the $115 million acquisition of LiveOffice, its hosted archiving OEM partner for Enterprise Vault.cloud.

"What were once disparate issues -- information management, eDiscovery and data security -- are rapidly coming together due to the explosion of electronically stored information and the on-premise and cloud-based technologies that deliver and disseminate it," said Brian Dye, vice president, Information Intelligence Group, Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC). "Organizations are increasingly demanding that these issues be addressed in a unified way through information governance. As a market leader for storage, eDiscovery and security, Symantec continues to enhance its offerings and deepened its commitment to provide the most comprehensive intelligent information governance solutions."

Symantec said the integration of Enterprise Vault and Clearwell would help organizations reduce eDiscovery costs, improve the defensibility and repeatability of their processes and streamline their processes to meet legal and regulatory deadlines. The company's vision for the integrated solution is to provide a single, common view across information governance.

Trevor Daughney, senior manager of product marketing for Symantec, explained that Symantec believes the first step to information governance --the ability to retain, secure and analyze data -- is to bring it into an archive. Once in the archive, the organization can apply a common classification layer across the information so that action can be taken upon it. With an archive, Symantec said, organizations can systematically index, classify and retain information.

Symantec's answer to that remains modular, but Daughney said it would increasingly integrate its solutions. That way, organizations can buy into the piece they need but still feel confident they are investing in the components of a bigger solution that they can put in place if they need it.

"The governance of information is increasingly important to businesses," said Katey Wood, analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. "Companies need to simultaneously control and liberate information, letting employees freely access the information they need for maximum productivity without resulting in compliance risks to the organization. By bringing together on-premise and cloud-based security, archiving, classification and eDiscovery, Symantec provides a solution that can help organizations proactively classify, retain and discover information while reducing risk and avoiding costs."

Symantec also said it closed the acquisition of archiving OEM partner LiveOffice on Jan. 13. Symantec said the acquisition would help it provide customer organizations the ability to store, manage and discover and increasingly broad range of unstructured information, including on-premise and cloud-based information sources like e-mail, instant messages, social media and file sharing.

The company also noted that it plans to leverage existing integration between LiveOffice and Clearwell, allowing customers to export information from LiveOffice to Clearwell. Additionally, Symantec said the acquisition would allow for tighter integration between archiving and Symantec.cloud's e-mail security and management capabilities.

Thor Olavsrud is a contributor to InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals.

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This article was originally published on January 17, 2012