Taneja Group Validation: Making Endpoint Protection Practical

The idea of desktop, or endpoint, protection has long been the thorn in the side of IT.  We’ve struggled to figure out how to effectively protect desktops, and nearly anything proposed has suffered in one dimension or another.  Some solutions have been too cumbersome and complex for either administrators or users (or both), some solutions simply overwhelm the existing infrastructure, and some solutions are simply overbuilt and too intrusive.  Moreover, the vast majority have suffered from cost models that simply are too expensive to protect what is at the end of the day one of the most important, but also most price sensitive, IT assets – the desktop.

In our view, i365 has thrown down the gauntlet on what endpoint protection should be.  Moreover, i365 takes the technology further by also using it to secure protected data against theft or loss, by allowing administrators to remotely erase the protected data set.  But on both fronts – protecting data as well as securing data - they’ve set the bar high, and other vendors have a lot to prove if they think they can offer as much ease of deployment and use as i365.  You’ll see where that bar is set in this Technology Validation exercise with a few testaments to distinctions like “5 minutes to install”, “30 minutes to business protection”, and “15 seconds to data recovery.”  Coupled together with the low cost of a cloud service, i365 looks poised to take this market by storm.

You can find our take in the report here or by downloading the report from the i365 Web site.

This article was originally published on July 08, 2011