Moonwalk and Crossroads Team for Data Migration to LTFS

By Pedro Hernandez

Crossroads Systems and Moonwalk Tuesday announced that they are joining forces to bring automated data migration to LFTS-enabled tape libraries.

Moonwalk specializes in data management solutions that aid organizations in the migration of unstructured data from Windows Servers and NTFS volumes. The aim is to optimize storage infrastructures and maximize disk space with user-defined data movement policies based on age, size, file type and file name, among several other parameters.

Moonwalk's software is available for Windows, Linux and Novell environments. Storage platform support includes EMC Centera and Atmos, Nirvanix, Hitachi HCP, CAStor and Dell DX. Now customers can add Crossroads Systems' StrongBox to the mix.

David Cerf, executive vice president of business and corporate development for Crossroads said in a statement, "Our Partnership with Moonwalk provides customers with the operational efficiency of StrongBox -- with the power of Moonwalk's data management software."

Crossroads' Strongbox is an LTFS-based system blends the expansive capacity and scalability of tape libraries with the performance benefits of disk caching. It sits atop LTO-5 tape libraries and drives. LTFS, or Linear Tape File System, is an open, IBM-developed self-describing format that eschews proprietary tape formats and promotes data portability.

In recent months, Crossroads' technology has made inroads in the data storage industry. It is at the heart of solutions like Fujifilm's Permivault, a cloud-based archiving and disaster recovery service.

During its debut, Crossroads CEO Rob Sims stated, "StrongBox shatters the perception that an archive infrastructure will forever remain proprietary, inflexible, high maintenance and expensive. It unlocks the possibilities of how to manage long-term data, and [it] does so while dramatically reducing archive costs and arming organizations with the power to make their own data decisions."

In Moonwalk, the company appears to have found a willing partner in furthering those aims.

Combined, a Moonwalk and Crossroads solution allows IT shops to "seamlessly migrate unstructured data from file servers and NAS appliances to the StrongBox platform," say the companies. Easing long-term data retention management for storage administrators is one of the goals of the team-up. Another is cost-savings according to Michael Harvey, vice president of business development at Moonwalk North America.

"The solution ensures seamless storage scalability and cost efficiency across the enterprise and provides customers with a long-term solution to the challenges of data retention," said Harvey in a statement.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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This article was originally published on July 31, 2012