Overland Storage Expands Tape Library Line

By Pedro Hernandez

In terms of speed, tape may not hold a candle to hard drives. Despite this, Overland is shipping new tape libraries help minimize the wait for backup data.

The San Diego, Calif.-based data storage systems provider today unveiled its new line of automated tape libraries for data backups and archives, dubbed NEO XL, which scale up to 3.5 PB of tape storage and can sustain transfer rates of up to 8.6 TB per hour. A base unit provides 90 TB of capacity, which can be augmented by adding NEO XL modules.

The NEO XL product line is comprised of two 6U models, both of which supportLTO5 and LTO6 tape and can be scaled to 560 tape slots and 42 tape drives.

Aimed at general backup and archiving environments, the NEOxl 60 model fits up to three tape drives, with total capacity stretching from 90 TB up to 375 TB. Data transfer performance is rated at 504 GB per hour to 4.3 TB per hour.

Moving up Overland's portfolio, the six-drive NEOxl 80 system provides 120 TB to 500 TB of tape capacity for organizations with high-speed data backup and recovery requirements. Transfer rates range from 504 GB per hour to 8.6 TB per hour. A fully-configured system can deliver up to 83 TB of storage per unit of rack space, claims Overland.

Six-drive, 80-slot NEOxl expansion units allow customers to grow or change up their tape environments with minimal interruption, a capability the company is banking on.

"Users can significantly increase their data storage capability without the time, disruption and administrative expense associated with reconfiguring the network settings or backup process," boasted the company in a press announcement. "Similarly, when business needs change, scaled NEO XL-Series modules can easily be de-coupled and re-deployed throughout the data center as needed."

Nilesh Patel, vice president of product management at Overland, remarked in a statement that recent advancements "in density, high-performance data transfer rates, and end-to-end data management software" is helping to cement tape's role in today's enterprise backup environments. NEO XL features "six times better transfer rate performance and 64 percent more density per rack unit compared to the nearest competitors in its class," he added.

Overland's NEOxl 60 and NEOxl 80 tape libraries are available now, with a starting price tag of $12,599.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

This article was originally published on October 15, 2014