Quantum courts Oracle SAM-QFS users with StorNext

By Dave Simpson

By Dave Simpson

October 25, 2010 – With the 4.1 release of its StorNext SAN file system software, Quantum will add a feature to simplify and speed up the migration from Oracle’s SAM-QFS platform to Quantum’s StorNext.

The Archive Conversion Utility (ACU) is an enhancement to the Storage Manager component of StorNext. Storage Manager provides tiering and archiving functionality. (The other core component of StorNext is the shared file system for SANs.)

“Since Oracle’s acquisition of Sun [which originally developed SAM-QFS], there has been a lot of uncertainty about the future of SAM-QFS,” claims Chris Duffy, Quantum’s product marketing manager for StorNext.

The actual speed of migrations from SAM-QFS to StorNext will vary depending on a number of factors, but Duffy says that a 100TB environment will take a couple of hours with ACU and a petabyte-size environment will take a day or two. That compares to months with traditional migration methods, according to Duffy.

In addition, users can make the migration/conversion process without disruption to the business or applications.

The key to the speed advantages of ACU relate to the ability to first convert only the SAM-QFS namespace, rather than migrating the actual data, to the StorNext platform. The data is accessible during the entire migration process, and users can either leave the data on an existing Oracle/STK tape library or move it to another tape library.

ACU will be a feature included in StorNext 4.1, which is expected in December, and will be delivered by Quantum’s professional services unit.

Other enhancements in the 4.1 release include automated tape compaction (defragmentation), file truncation exclusion, and support for ACSLS version 8.

The StorNext SAN file system was originally deployed primarily in vertical markets such as rich media, life sciences, government, oil and gas, etc., but Quantum subsequently expanded into the mainstream IT market.

The software virtualizes tier-1 storage and creates a centralized repository that can be shared by heterogeneous operating systems concurrently. StorNext enables administrators to tier, archive, deduplicate, replicate and vault data.

Quantum claims more than 6,000 StorNext customers, 50,000 clients deployed, and more than 100PB under management.

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This article was originally published on October 25, 2010