Veritas Ready to Go It Alone with NetBackup 5300 Appliances

By Pedro Hernandez

Veritas, the data protection unit being spun-off from computer security giant Symantec, has begun shipping its NetBackup 5300 line of integrated backup appliances, the company announced.

In late January, Symantec announced that it is splitting Veritas Technologies Corporation as an independent, publicly-traded company. The data security company acquired Veritas nearly a decade ago, in an $11 billion deal that courted controversy early in the merger. According to Symantec, Veritas racked up $2.5 billion in sales for the company during its 2014 fiscal year.

Today, the backup specialist is delivering a key pillar in the company's plans to venture out on its own again.

"NetBackup integrated appliances are designed from the ground up to protect and manage information, and carry the embedded intelligence of the world's leading data protection software," said Scott C. Anderson, vice president of Symantec Appliance Solutions. For Veritas, the new backup systems enables it to hit the ground running once it's split from Symantec.

"Integrated appliances are the fastest growing appliance market segment and NetBackup leads that growth, with thousands deployed in the last year and well over ten thousand deployed overall," noted Anderson.

NetBackup 5330 appliances consists of a media server with deduplication support and built-in storage. To ensure that data remains recoverable in the event of a data center mishap, the underlying software, NetBackup 7.6, provides backup verification, self-healing and error containment capabilities.

In terms of hardware resiliency, the 5330 features a RAID controller with battery backup and redundant, hot-swappable RAID and disk controllers, disks, power supplies and fans. Auto Image Replication (AIR) support ensures that remote sites meet their disaster recovery requirements.

The 5330 is available with 114 terabytes (TB) of storage, which can be expanded to 229 TB. Performance-wise, the new appliance delivers up to 3x faster backup, 5.8x recovery and 4.9x replication operations compared to the 5230, according to company estimates. In tests, the 5330 performed restores at a rate of 4.1 TB per hour.

To keep hackers out, the 5330 includes Symantec Critical Systems Protection (CSP). The host intrusion detection and prevention software provides security monitoring and auditing capabilities, and blocks zero-day attacks and insider threats.

And the 5330 is easier on the power bill.

"The NetBackup 5330 appliance is Energy Star compliant, and is the only integrated purpose-built backup appliance with this certification," boasted Phil Wandrei, senior product marketing manager for Symantec, in a company blog post. "Not only does the appliance reduce power and cooling expenses compared to other backup appliances, but it has great density."

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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This article was originally published on March 04, 2015