Are you trying to find the best Google Chrome extensions? With tons of extensions for Google Chrome, such as password savers to time trackers, downloading the right one is vital to ensure optimal efficiency.

Before downloading different extensions, it is vital to know the best ones, what they offer, features, and other essential information. Therefore, in today’s topic, you will find answers to all these questions and finally know which extensions are the best in 2023.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023

If you’re trying to find the best Google Chrome extensions for 2023, then explore the 11 apps mentioned below
1. Google Calendar
2. Grammarly
3. Loom
4. HubSpot Sales
5. LastPass
6. Everhour
7. Awesome Screenshot
8. Checker Plus for Gmail
9. StayFocused
10. RescueTime
11. Buffer

Keep reading to explore why the above 12 apps are the best extension for Google.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023

When finding the best Google Chrome Extensions for 2023, there are many factors, such as optimal integration with the browser, security, easy-to-use interface, and more. Below, we list the best Google Chrome Extensions for 2023 after considering all these factors.

1) Google Calendar – Best Time Management And Scheduling Calendar Service

Google Calendar Best Time Management And Scheduling Calendar Service

Considered 100 times more robust when compared to standard calendar Chrome extensions, Google Calendar is utilized by over a million users worldwide and provides many features plus options. Moreover, the extension includes desktop plus voice notifications, and the bulk of positive online reviews proves its excellent ability to track, manage and update events quickly.


  • Facebook events popup option to add to the calendar
  • Operates in the background even if Google Chrome is closed
  • A ton of free as well as paid customizable options
  • Multiple options to add events

What we like
The extension has a well-organized interface and even allows importing and exporting calendars in a single archive. Furthermore, reminders make it easy to track events, plus the drag-and-drop feature makes it hassle-free to reschedule existing events.

Download here: Google Calendar

2) Grammarly – Cloud-Based Typing Assistant

Grammarly Cloud Based Typing Assistant

Grammarly Chrome extension works efficiently with all browsers and can be utilized with Google Docs, social media, Youtube, and other web-based applications. It is a state-of-the-art proofreader that offers real-time suggestions to help correct various writing issues such as spelling, punctuation, writing tone, grammar, and more.

Free version

  • Grammar check
  • Spelling check
  • Punctuation check
  • Tone detector

Premium version

  • Sentence rewrites options
  • Content tone adjustments
  • Vocabulary modifications
  • Fluency recommendations
  • Additional advanced recommendations

What we like
Grammarly is also available for Windows and Mac, plus it has an affordable Premium and Business plan for $12.00 and $15.00 per month, respectively. It also comes with a Plagiarism detection tool, along with a delivery option to set the tone of the content from confident to polite and formal.

Download here: Grammarly 

3) Loom – Free Google Chrome Extension To Record And Instantly Share Video Messages 

Loom Free Google Chrome Extension To Record And Instantly Share Video Messages 

Loom Chrome extension is a premium screen recorder and screen capture tool; 14 million users utilize it for its ease of use and wide range of features. Moreover, Loom enables users to instantly share their recorded videos with anyone using a link and automatically stores the videos in the cloud.


  • Interactive features for responding to videos such as time-stamped comments and emojis to react
  • Notifications when a user views, comments, or reacts
  • A central library to manage the video across different devices
  • Security access feature

What we like
The Loom screen recorder is free, plus a Business plan for $8.00 per month. Also, users can utilize it on iOS and Android devices, plus it can record videos in 720p, 1080p, 1440p, or 4k HD format. Apart from this, you can add flair to video using camera frames, effects, and backgrounds.

Download here: Loom

4) HubSpot Sales – Free Sales Software That Is Easy To Use

HubSpot Sales Free Sales Software That Is Easy To Use

The HubSpot Sales is a CRM tool for Gmail that can help track productivity, close more business deals plus streamline internal processes. Also, the Chrome extension requires a free HubSpot account and is used in over 90 countries with 30k+ customers. Grow and manage your business contacts in a central database, plus connect with leads in an easy-to-use platform.


  • Tracking of emails
  • CRM connects with Gmail
  • Create email templates
  • Meeting scheduler

What we like
There is a dedicated iOS and Android app; the sales engagement or reporting and analytics tools make it a hassle-free tool. Overall, the extension will save significant time and effort by not distributing information haphazardly across multiple platforms.

Download here: HubSpot 

5) LastPass – Freemium Online Password Storage Manager 

LastPass Freemium Online Password Storage Manager 

LastPass is a secure method to store all your passwords across different devices with peace of mind. You can save the password of a specific app once, such as Netflix or Amazon, and then they will be visible in the LastPass vault for instant access. The free feature works on a single device ( mobile or desktop), and the premium option works on all devices.


  • Generate a strong password
  • Fast plus easy app logins
  • There is a LastPass Authenticator in place of a master password
  • Store digital records such as Wi-Fi passwords, Insurance cards, and more
  • Share password or notes with anyone you want
  • Notifies about data breaches or personal information risk

What we like
Apart from general apps, you can also store addresses, credit card details, and more in an extension that will remember all your passwords. Moreover, this award-winning extension is utilized by millions of users due to its safety, plus reduced time and effort in managing different passwords.

Download here: LastPass

6) Everhour – Powerful Time Tracking Chrome Extension

Everhour Powerful Time Tracking Chrome Extension

Everhour is a popular chrome extension for tracking employees’ time and can help manage budgets, client invoicing, and hassle-free payroll. It integrates well with different browsers plus software, including Asana, Jira, Basecamp, GitHub, and more.


  • Allocate tasks plus build reports
  • Users can also access tips, techniques, guides, tutorials, and similar management information.
  • There is a free plus premium version for $8.50/month per user.

What we like
Everhour is a great tool to streamline internal workflow and keep projects on time and within budget. Moreover, it increases transparency, helps detect downtime, and helps manage a team more efficiently.

Download here: Everhour

7) Awesome Screenshot – Highest Rated Screen Capture & Screen Recorder Tool For Free

Awesome Screenshot Highest Rated Screen Capture & Screen Recorder Tool For Free

Awesome Screenshot is a 2-in-1 screen capture and recording tool with over 3 million users. With over ten years of experience, Awesome Screenshot provides quick customer support plus includes a bunch of new features, including 720p, 1080p, and 4K recording. This extension is easy to use, includes no ads, plus provides instant sharing options.


  • Include voice or face in the recording
  • Option to save in a local disk or online account.
  • Instant shareable links
  • Ability to annotate your screen when recording
  • Capture partial or full page Screenshot

What we like
Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension makes it hassle-free to record videos in just a few clicks and can save data in different formats, including PNG or JPG. The extension has a free and premium version for 5$ per month, including unlimited screenshots plus all annotation tools.

Download here: Awesome Screenshot

8) Checker Plus for Gmail – Fastest And Easiest Extension For Multiple Email Accounts 

Checker Plus for Gmail Fastest And Easiest Extension For Multiple Email Accounts

With over a million users, Checker Plus is an extension for Gmail that allows you to manage multiple accounts. This 5-star extension is an efficient and easy way to read, mark, or delete emails without opening the Gmail website.


  • Voice notification
  • It runs in the background even if Chrome is closed
  • It offers a quick popup window for email preview
  • Supports offline view and push notifications

What we like
The extension contains reliable safety features and also offers a notifier with ten different icons to choose from. The team offers prompt tech support and constant updates to ensure the extensions work well with Gmail.

Download here: Checker Plus for Gmail

9) StayFocused – Chrome Extension To Block Time-Wasting Websites

StayFocused Chrome Extension To Block Time Wasting Websites

StayFocusd is an extension that helps the users concentrate on their work and restricts the amount of time wasted browsing different websites such as social media or youtube. Moreover, it allows you to allot specific time to different websites; this extension will block them for the day after that time is used. Furthermore, it enables you to block not only sites but also subdomains, paths, or in-page content such as games or videos.


  • Works on iPhone, Android, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.
  • Blocks desktop apps including email, Kindles, Steam, plus Slack.
  • Obtain progress bars plus progress reports

What we like
StayFocusd is a great tool to stop procrastinating and enhance productivity by not wasting time on different websites. It also offers a to-do list to track daily tasks and includes a focus mode with timers and reminders.

Download here: StayFocused

10) RescueTime – Free Automatic Time Tracking And Time Management Chrome Extension

RescueTime Free Automatic Time Tracking And Time Management Chrome Extension

RescueTime is another time tracking tool on this list that works on Google Chrome and ChromeOS devices. This extension offers a clear view of what the users were doing throughout the day. Take control of your digital life, focus on your goals and automatically maintain track of your daily work.


  • Automated time tracking that informs when the user loses focus.
  • The extension blocks distractions and provides reports
  • Find out which sites distract the most and affect the work

What we like
RescueTime enables users to form better working habits and is used by two million+ users worldwide due to its hassle-free interface and robust security. Obtain the ideal work/life balance and understand productivity along with key areas for improvement.

Download here: RescueTime

11) Buffer – Free Extension To Manage Accounts In Social Networks

Buffer Free Extension To Manage Accounts In Social Networks

Buffer is an Chrome extension for sharing content located anywhere on the web on platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Post articles directly to the social media platforms or schedule them for the right time. Moreover, the extension has nearly 140k users, and all content is automatically synced with the desktop or mobile account.


  • Measure social media performance
  • Fast response to comments
  • Obtain a calendar view to see content across different social channels

What we like
Buffer reduces the time and effort to post different content on the platform you want. Moreover, it is easy to use and comes with a Free version, along with three different plans ranging from $5 to $100/month.

Download here: Buffer

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Start Using The Best Google Chrome Extensions today!

From advanced calendars to productivity trackers and email checkers, the 12 Best Google Chrome Extensions listed above can help users streamline various everyday tasks. They all have the best customer reviews and a 4 to 5-star rating, plus they will also work well with Google Chrome and other browsers. Most of the extensions above are free and come with premium versions that include additional features. (c).

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