Best NFT Apps In 2022 » A Bird’s-Eye View Of The Leading NFT Apps

Looking for the best NFT apps to buy unique tokens or cool collectibles? Willing to flip your digital holdings and profit from the skyrocketing non-fungibles market? Well, whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is a fantastic time to trade in the NFT sphere.

As per DappRadar, 2021 was a pivotal year for NFTs, with trading volumes surpassing $23B. The floor market capitalization of the top 100 collections touched a whopping $16.7B. Moreover, the metaverse and play-to-earn revolutions boosted the sales of cyberspaces and blockchain gaming NFTs

Besides, the increasing adoption of Ethereum Layer-2 solutions and the rise of rival blockchains hosting NFTs will catalyze the further northward movement of the NFT economy in 2022

So, excited to join the NFT bandwagon? Then, run through this write-up to know the top-notch NFT apps and the NFT buying process.

A bird’s-Eye View Of The Leading NFT Apps

1. Aavegotchi

Love to tame and play with cute pixelated ghosts? If yes, Aavegotchi is the right NFT App for you. Conceived on the lines of Tamagotchi – interactive digital pets, Aavegotchis are ERC-721 collectibles with varying attributes, namely collateral stake, random traits, kinship, experience, and accessories . An Aavegotchi’s value is the aggregation of its intrinsic and rarity values. 

Intrinsic values are derived from Aavegotchis’ staked collaterals. Each Aavegotchi bears an escrow contract address holding an Aave protocol-backed ERC20 token. These “aTokens” facilitate yield farming.

The rarity quotient of an Aavegotchi can be upped via rarity farming that involves summoning Aavegotchis with the rarest properties, equipping them with additional wearables, and playing mini-games.

Moreover, stake eco-governance token GHST to earn FRENS. FRENS can be converted into Raffle tickets to win wearables or drop tickets to receive portals and REALM parcels in the Gotchiverse. Users can trade the Aavegotchis in the dedicated Baazaar or secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. 

2. Atomic Market


While Aavegotchi is the perfect NFT trading app for DeFi-staked NFTs, Atomic market is the finest app for shared liquidity, meaning everything listed on one market is visible on other markets as well. The Atomic Assets ecosystem is powered by EOSIO – a cost-efficient, gas-saving, and highly scalable Ethereum competitor. 

Its specialized marketplace – Atomic Hub, rests on the WAX blockchain. An innovative feature of the Atomic market is the AtomicAssets smart contract standards for NFT creation. Its advantages include:

  • RAM Efficiency
  • RAM costs are incurred by dApps creating the assets and not the users.
  • NFTs backed by EOS/WAX tokens.
  • Trade offers for implementing peer-to-peer marketplaces.
  • Asset templates
  • Data serialization.


3. Axie Marketplace

It is the exclusive NFT shop of the Axie Infinity ecosystem and the go-to NFT app for Axie trades. Besides, you can get digital land parcels and in-game utilities in the marketplace. 

So, what are Axies? Axies are inhabitants of virtual fantasy land – Lunacia. They are rivetting creatures you can collect, pet, mutate, breed, raise, combat, and trade in the Axie universe. Players can utilize their Axies to compete with others and earn the highest rankings, reward tokens, and complementary NFTs. Plus, the Axies can complete quests, dethrone bosses, and unlock hidden storylines. 

A pioneer in the NFT gaming arena, Axie Infinity currently boasts an active community of 2.9M+ users, 2.5M+ daily players, and a market cap of $5.2B+. $AXS is the native token, and SLP is the secondary token of this ecosystem. Moreover, users can claim $AXS rewards through staking, strategic gameplays, and tokenization of user-generated content. 

4. Foundation


It is an excellent NFT app for creators and collectors to mint, showcase, and trade distinct virtual collectibles and artworks. Providing a level playing field for creative minds irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity, cultural origins, or gender, Foundation aims to build an equitable digital expression space. It fosters collaborative rather than competitive thinking and focuses on developing an incredible community that encourages art and artists. 

As an NFT creator, you will receive 85% of the final sale price and 10% royalties on every subsequent sale. Since launch, creators have earned 48K+ ETH on Foundation.

5. Larva Labs


Cryptopunk #7523 sold for a jaw-dropping $11.75M. Similarly, punks #3100, #7804, #4156, etc., commanded millions making Cryptopunks the flagship project of Larva Labs. Comprising 10K pixelated images of eccentric-looking characters, crypto punks heralded the crypto art movement. Thus, Larva Labs is the top destination for collecting crypto punks. 

Other offerings from Larva Labs.

Best NFT Apps In 2022 Larva Labs
6. MakersPlace


MakersPlace is a premier NFT app for accessing artworks curated by well-known net artists. It empowers creators with user-friendly tools to e-sign and upload their art on Ethereum, create tailor-made shopfronts, and deploy their creations on affiliate marketplaces.

Important Features:

  • Members can use the platform for free, and end-users would bear the blockchain fees.
  • 15% commission on successful NFT sales and a 12.5% commission on secondary market sales, out of which 10% would accrue to creators as royalties. 
  • Additional transaction fees for credit card purchases.
  • Enforces a minimum sale price to cover associated production costs of creating and marketing NFTs.
  • A virtual gallery in Decentraland.


7. NBA Top Shot

Crazy about game-changing historical moments or rare basketball video footage with game and player stats? If yes, go to NBA top shot – the officially licensed NBA crypto-collectibles NFT App’s marketplace. Moreover, the platform permits users to convert match highlights and in-game clips from NBA championships into limited edition tokenized trading cards. Depending on the NFT pack chosen, users get 3-7 assorted common moments, 1-3 rare moments, and one legendary moment.

8. OpenSea: Ranked The No.1 NFT Marketplace App

Opensea NFT App

It is the earliest and the largest marketplace abroad Ethereum for trading crypto goods. Both novice and seasoned NFT investors can use OpenSea NFT App. It features single tokens and collections of different genres like art, collectables, photography, domain names, sports, metaverse, trading cards, and utilities. Besides, Opensea facilitates NFT minting on gas-efficient Polygon and Klaytn chains. 

Standout Features:

  • 2.5% sales commission.
  • Up to 10% royalties. 
  • Lazy minting – Users can create ERC-1155 tokens with zero upfront gas fee. The creation isn’t transmitted on-chain till the first transfer/purchase is made.


9. Rarible

A decentralized online marketplace NFT App supporting NFTs minted on Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow blockchains. It has launched the Rarible protocol – a DAO-managed set of open-source aids assisting individuals and businesses in deploying NFT projects and personalized storefronts. 

Unique Features:

  • Prime utility token $RARI
  • Multiple edition tokens 
  • Timed auctions 
  • Multi-chain messenger 
  • Customized activity feeds 
  • Lazy minting 
  • Adobe-Rarible NFT attribution project 
  • Royalties up to 50%, 
  • Split royalty program for collaborating artists. 
  • OpenSea integration
  • 405K NFTs created and 1.6M registered users to date.


10. SuperRare

Touted as an elite NFT app for authentic single edition blockchain artworks, SuperRare features distinctive digital masterpieces developed by artists with a solid personal brand. 

Notable Features:

  • SuperRare Spaces – Customized storefronts and community vetted galleries for collectors, creators, and curators to highlight and display NFTs.
  • SuperRare DAO – Holders of the curation token $RARE will oversee the community treasury containing ETH and RARE tokens. The genesis governance council monitors stored funds.
  • Sovereign multi-platform smart contracts – Artists can develop customized NFT minting contracts, import digital artworks created elsewhere, mint SUPR or project-specific tokens (29).


An NFT App Explained.

NFTs are one-of-a-kind, irreplicable, and non-interchangeable cryptographic tokens with myriad use cases. An NFT app is a web, desktop, or smartphone-compatible application enabling users to make, access, buy, or sell NFTs. Apart from the NFT apps mentioned above, many AI-enabled apps like GoArt, Vanta, Photolemur, etc., help you beautify digital works before tokenizing them.

Many NFT apps like Decentraland, Binemon, etc., enable users to explore enchanting metaverses, visit NFT museums, create 3D avatars, and shop collectibles. Besides, they may have in-built P2E or P2W crypto games, giving you abundant opportunities to win governance tokens, subordinate tokens, merchandise, NFTs, additional accessories, megabucks, etc.

In short, NFT apps are a gateway to the transformative NFT realm. Moreover, they help you easily enhance and procure unique creations. Lastly, they play an active role in shaping tokenomics.

How Do NFT Apps Function?

Most NFT apps encompass the following operational steps.

  • Register on the selected marketplace.
  • Connect to an e-wallet compatible with the blockchain on which the marketplace dwells. 
  • Deposit adequate transaction crypto in the wallet.
  • Create or list NFT holdings for sale/auction. Purchase NFTs directly or place bids. 


Step-By-Step Guide To Obtaining NFTs With Apps? 

We would explain the NFT acquisition process on OpenSea using Binance.

Step 1: Sign Up On The Desired Platform

Step by step guide to obtaining NFTs Create Binance Account


  • Register using e-mail or mobile. Set a username and passcode. 
  • Enter a referral ID, if any, to earn 10% commission kickbacks on trades. 
  • Compulsorily check the Binance terms of the service box and click on “Create Account.” 
  • Drag the puzzle piece to finish the security verification and proceed to OTP validation. 
  • Input the authentication code received on the registered e-mail/mobile number, and the basic account is set up.

Step 2: Do Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

NFTs Two Factor Authentication
Binance insists on a 2FA via google authenticator or phone to enhance profile security. Google authenticator is recommended as miscreants can hack phone messages and steal all your cryptos. 

  • If you are downloading google authenticator for the first time, scan a QR code via your phone to generate a one-time Google verification code. 
  • A recovery key will also be generated.
  • Finally, you will receive an email verification code. Input it along with the google verification code to complete 2FA.

Step 3: Complete Intermediate Verification

Complete Intermediate Verification


We recommend Binance App as it is a speedy, organized, and secure DEX for trading crypto assets. Just upload a soft copy of government-authorized identity proof like a passport or driving license for ID verification. For advanced verification upload bank statements or utility bills and VOILA! Your profile is verified within 2 hours – 3 days.

Complete facial recognition by scanning the QR code on the bottom right through your phone. Your phone or web camera will capture your selfie.

Step 4: Buy ETH From Binance

Buy ETH from Binance



  • Click the “Buy crypto” button on the homepage and choose a payment method. Binance allows crypto deposits using fiat currency, bank transfers, cash balances, third-party transfers, credit cards, and debit cards. 
  • Specify the fiat/stable coin/cryptocurrency amount you wish to spend and Binance will auto-calculate ETH received as per the spot rate.

Binance supports 500+ cryptocurrencies. Moreover, a distinguishing feature of Binance is that it allows you to reveal the seed phrase in case you forgot to back it up.

Step 5: Transfer ETH From Binance Into Your Wallet.

Transfer ETH from Binance into your wallet

Replenish your wallet with sufficient ETH to incur minting, trading, and gas costs.

  • Click on your wallet browser extension.
  • Select Ethereum main-net. 
  • Press the “buy” tab and choose the “Directly Deposit Ether” option. 
  • Copy the wallet address. 
  • Click the “Fiat and Spot” option under the wallet tab. Choose Ethereum and click “Withdraw.”
  • Paste wallet address, choose ERC20 network and specify withdrawal amount.


Step 6: Execute The Purchase


Log on to OpenSea to access the intended NFT. Connect to a virtual wallet, preferably Metamask. Suppose you desire to purchase cryptocities #047. Buy with the ETH balance or “Make an offer.” The sale will be executed if the seller accepts the quoted bid.

Which NFT App Is The Pick Of The Bunch?


Which NFT App Is The Pick Of The Bunch
Based on trading volumes to date, OpenSea is the winner. However, the NFT app choice is subjective and dictated by the digital content you seek. For instance, users desiring exclusive creator content would prefer MakersPlace. Basketball buffs will drift towards NBA top Shot. Multimedia artists wanting to save minting gas fees may choose the Atomic market. 

Select a suitable NFT app as per your criteria. Follow the NFT apps on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Medium for regular updates on NFT drops, giveaways, DAO announcements, and platform upgrades.


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