Are you looking for the best photo editing apps for iPhone for Free in 2023?. If you own an iPhone and love photography, you will need the right photo editing apps to quench your thirst. But with so many iPhone photo apps available (both free and paid) in the Apple store, each with different features, how would you choose the right ones?

Well, worry not as we are here to help you out in your search.

The best photo apps for iPhone can enhance and filter your casual clicks and turn them into something more attractive. No matter if you are a casual photographer or a pro or maybe a social media influencer, you will need the right best photo editing applications for your iPhone to catch the subject. From taking photos on your vacation to posting the image of your home-cooked food, the right iOS photo editing apps can make everything better.

But, even after saying that, what are the qualities you should look for in a photo editing app – or more prominently, how would you know that you have downloaded the best photo editing application!

The only way to ensure that is to compare the features of that particular photo app and the paid plans (if you are completely into photography).

For starters, the best photo editing iOS app will offer a large set of tools and filters, which are easy to use with simple sharing options. That way, you can just click the photos, edit them and upload them to social media or share them with your friends and loved ones.

So, what are they! – To give you a detailed outlook on the best iPhone photo apps, we will not just share a few names but will tell you why they are best and which one would be a perfect match according to your needs in the following segment. So, read on –

Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone Users: Let’s Take A Quick Look At Them

Let’s acknowledge the fact that the built-in iPhone camera is awesome. But, if you are someone who likes to have manual control while clicking pictures, like shutter speed or ISO, iPhone may fall short.

If you want to have full control over your pictures, you need to download the iPhone camera apps.

And that is why we have chosen the following 6 photo apps as our “Top iPhone photo editing apps” available on the market today:

  • Photo Editor & Filters
  • VSCO
  • Snapseed
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Afterlight
  • Darkroom

But, why choose only 6 when there are hundreds – and why these 6 particularly!

To know that, we humbly ask you to read the following segment of the article thoroughly where we are going to share the top features as well as some of the much-needed info regarding these iPhone camera applications.

1) Photo Editor & Filters: Splash, Crop & Picture Effects App for iPhone Users

Photo Editor & Filters: Splash, Crop & Picture Effects App for iPhone Users

If you want something less complex but offers a lot of features for photo editing on your iPhone, you should certainly check out the Photo Editor & Filters app from TwinBit Ltd. With its user-friendly interface, even amateur photographers can use this app to edit their photos.

Photo Editor & Filters app for iPhone offers multiple color effects for you to choose from. You can use them to retouch photos on your iPhone. In addition, this app also has more than 100 unique and mesmerizing photo filters. So, if you prefer to play around with different filters on their pictures, such as Black & White, Splash, vintage, or dynamic filters, then give this app a try.

So, here are the best features of the Photo Editor & Filters app for iPhone users:

  • 100+ amazing photo filters
  • Re-color objects with photo color effects
  • Basic editing tools such as adjusting contrast, brightness, saturation, or exposure.

Download from App Store

2) VSCO: Photo & Video Editor App For iPhone

VSCO Best Photo Editing Apps For Iphone

With a passion for photography and sheer interest in technology, Joel (CEO of VSCO, and co-founder) collaborated with Greg Lutze (Co-founder of VSCO) and build VSCO in 2011. The official mobile app was launched in 2012 to ensure that everyone can fall in love with their creativity.

Though mainly focused on traditional photography, the VSCO iPhone photo editing app offers some unique filters as well as correction features. One of the top features of VSCO is the film-emulsion filter, which can easily import raw files. Apart from that VSCO iOS app offers the best Pre-capture controls, which include the selective focus point, manual control over white balance, ISO, and exposure.

VSCO offers both free and paid plans. You may take a 7-day trial period before going into the paid plan or may continue with the free version with limited features.

The “FREE” features are not quite limited though – as you may

  • Improve your images by applying VSCO’s creative presets
  • Edit your photos with standard features like controlling the contrast and saturation
  • Get inspiring ideas from the VSCO community

If you choose VSCO paid plan (after the trial period), you will get the following features:

  • More than 200 VSCO presets
  • Advance photo editing tools, like HSL and Boarders
  • Video editing tools
  • Create Montage
  • Take part in their weekly photo challenge
  • Get pro tips and tutorials


3) Snapseed: Best Photo Editing App For Casual Photographers

Snapseed Best Photo Editing Apps For Iphone

If we are talking about the best iPhone Photo editing apps, we need to mention Snapseed as it offers less complexity for both the pros and casual photographers.

You may have heard that Snapseed is only for the pros, but that doesn’t have to be true. Even the casual photographers who like to spend some time to get the perfect shot may download Snapseed too.

Snapseed offers the finest traditional features as well as nondestructive iPhone photo editing to help you get the best quality images every time- and all for free. Yes, this 22MB app is completely free for users and available in more than 40 languages.

Now if we are to take a look at the technical aspects of Snapseed, it offers you top-quality image while retaining the same resolution as the original. Apart from that Snapseed lets, you save the processed image at the maximum size that your device can handle. It also has stack features that allow you to re-edit the previous image or restore the original. Snapseed also offers 29 filters that can turn even turn a casual click into a masterpiece.

Also, read the 10 Top Data Storage Applications list here.

4) Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editing App For iPhone Users.

Adobe Photoshop Express Best Photo Editing Apps For Iphone

Adobe Photoshop Express offers an AI image editing and correction app for iPhone users that adds the effects and filters accordingly. Adobe Photoshop Express may be called the “Lite Adobe Photoshop” version, which is specially made for iPhone users.

With the Adobe iPhone photo editing app, you can change the primary aspects of the image and apply masks accordingly to the surrounding or the object, which of course can be reversed.

For example, if wish to change the color of the sky from blue to pinkish-red or want to add/remove clouds or want to add a reflection, you can use the sky lens feature.

The best part is that Adobe is always trying something new and adding new features with every update. So, you will never run out of unique options or unique images or GIFs.

With the Adobe Photoshop Express iOS photo editing app, you can even copy eyes from one image and place them on another image without any hassle. It is called the “Replace eyes” feature, which is only available to iPhone users. Though this feature only restricted the UK and Australian users, Adobe has ensured that soon they will make it available worldwide.

So, if we are to summarize some of the best features of Adobe Photoshop Express, we will get the following:

  • Facial skin editing
  • Resizing images while maintaining the quality
  • AI-based color correction
  • Spot heal
  • Some of the best frames

You may upgrade this iOS photo editing app at a basic price of USD 4.99, and if you need the Creative cloud account to enjoy all the features and updates, the price will be USD 9.99/ mo

5) Afterlight – Best Photo Editor for iPad and iPhone Users

Afterlight or Afterlight 2 (for iPhone users) is a photo editing app for iOS that allows you to nurture your photography skills while adding a touch of creativity to them.

This photo edit application allows users to edit photos with more unique textures and exposure tools. At the first glance, you do not find Afterlight 2 unique if compared to the other 4, but when you look at their old-school filters, you will surely be mesmerized. So, if you are someone who likes to try different filters (130 filters) for the same photo, download Afterlight 2.

There are simple stickers that are available in a huge variety. And while we are talking about that one cannot miss those font styles.

Afterlight is quite easy to use and the application of filters is quite streamlined. Apart from that, they offer you some photo editing and photography tutorials for free that will only help you to become a master photographer.   

  • Monthly Plan: USD 2.99/mo
  • Yearly Plan: USD 17.99/year
  • Lifetime Membership Plan: USD 35.99

6) Darkroom: Video, Portrait & Raw Photo Editor App For iPhone

Darkroom Best Photo Editing Apps For Iphone

Winner of the Apple Design Award 2020 for outstanding app design, the Darkroom iPhone photo editing app offers pro-grade features for everyone.

According to their official website, they have made slight enhancements to the grain slider tool. This will not only improve the app’s efficiency but will reduce memory usage and provide a more refined and high-quality image.

With the non-destructive adjustment features and filters, Darkroom allows you to enhance and re-enhance your photos without degrading the quality.

With the new update, Darkroom is now available with a “Clarity” feature that allows you to edit the details of an image without influencing the overall tone. This feature will automatically filter unnecessary details to define your objectives more prominently.   

You can use the Darkroom iPhone photo editing app without any charges, however, if you wish to enjoy the premium features, you may choose any of the following membership plans:

  • Monthly Plan: USD 3.99/mo
  • Yearly Plan: USD 19.99/ year
  • Lifetime Membership Plan: USD 49.99

Some of the best features of Darkroom are –

  • Curves tool
  • Premium filters
  • Custom app icon
  • Batch processing
  • Album management
  • Smart color frames


We understand that it is very hard to choose one iPhone photo editing app from the hundreds. But, always remember that the best photo editing apps have two types – one for the casual photographers and one for the professionals – we have mentioned both types.
The iOS camera apps that we have mentioned in this article are easy to use, versatile, and offer some of the best photo editing features for free, which is more than enough for casual photographers. However, if you want to expand your creativity, you can always look for monthly plans.

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