If you are looking for the best video conferencing apps, you are reading the right article. The concept of Video conferencing is nothing new, but as the recent pandemic has forced most organizations to allow their employees to work from home, Video conferencing has become a basic need to keep flawless communication.

This article discusses the free video conferencing apps available in the market that offers multiple tools and integrations to eliminate any remote working glitch.

The Well-Known Video Meeting Apps Are,

  • Zoom
  • Go To Meeting
  • Join. Me
  • Skype for Business
  • Slack
  • Big Blue Button
  • Bluejeans
  • Whereby
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams

But, here in this article, we will focus on the top 3 applications as they are the most efficient and reliable.

Well, to know why they are so reliable or the best of the rest, you need to go through the article to the end as we will discuss all the best features of Zoom, Go To Meeting and Join. Me and how these video conferencing apps can help your WFH culture – So, read on

Best Video Conferencing Apps: An Overview

Best Video Conferencing Apps 2022

Before we get into the details, let us give you a quick overview of the 3 Video conferencing applications.

Among the 3, Zoom is the most popular as it offers go-to choices for organizations that require quick and convenient conferencing. On the other hand, Go To Meeting is not far behind as it is easy to use, cheap, user-friendly, and robust. Join.Me offer customized and flexible online conferencing with added features like screen sharing, screen recording, and much more. 

All 3 conferencing tools are built to meet all your remote working needs and allow you to conduct or join an online meeting from any part of the globe. 

The best part is that all 3 applications are affordable and provide a trial period, so you can use and evaluate their potency.

Of course, these are not the only features that make the best video conferencing platform

To know why to go through the following with your curious mind – 

Zoom: The Best & Most Popular Video Conferencing App For One-to-One And Group Meetings

Zoom Best & Most Popular Video Conferencing App For One-to-One And Group Meetings

The primary reason behind the immense popularity of Zoom is that it ensured organizations can maintain glitch-free communication during the video meeting sessions as they would have during audio chats. 

To make Zoom meeting sessions even more efficient, the developers are offering a free trial, so employees can connect with their management or the other employees without paying a penny. 

Apart from providing quick functionality, high-quality video, and audio, custom paid plan, Zoom allows you to use any device that suits your need, like a smartphone or tablet.

Some of the finest features of Zoom are,

  • Simple integration with WebRTC 
  • Join the meeting anytime from anywhere
  • Security: Need Host permission and password to join in
  • Screen sharing option
  • HD Video and audio calls
  • Support up to 1000 Participants (100 for free plan)
  • Integration with Google and Microsoft
  • Hand-over controls

Zoom may have shown up as another video chatting tool, but today (2021), it has grown to be more efficient and reliable to allow stress-free remote work.

Although Zoom had faced certain security issues in the past, the developers are always coming up with something better with every update. 

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Go To Meeting: Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Tool: Keep Your Remote Team Together

Go To Meeting Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Tool

Go To Meeting is a cloud-based video conferencing tool that is filled with features and functionalities that allow organizations to communicate with their remote employees across the states as well as the nations. 

Best for small and medium organizations, Go To Meeting has an easy interface that allows even the newbie to start a video conference within minutes. 

Some of the best Go To Meeting features are,

  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • Cloud-based Phone system
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Screen sharing
  • Drawing tools
  • Join through multiple devices
  • Customized one-to-one Meeting room

As stated above, the finest benefits that make Go To Meeting one of the top best video conferencing solutions is its flexibility and affordability, which means that Go To Meeting offers an easy-to-use layout, but at an affordable price range. 

The user can conduct or customize an online meeting while providing Join invitations to the participants. Just like, Zoom, the user will have the luxury to use GoTo Meeting from any place and any device. 

Additionally, Go To Meeting has a feature named Multinational Toll-free number, which allows you to add overseas participants. Other essential features, like Pin-based entry, ensure that only the intended participants can join in the conference. 

Apart from all these finest features, Go To Meeting also offer online customer support and learning materials, like training videos and PDF manuals, so even a newbie can become a pro within no time.

Join.Me: A Simplified Solution For SME Online Meetings

Join.Me A Simplified Solution For SME Online Meetings

Perfect for small businesses, Join.Me is an online platform that allows the user to conduct one-to-one meetings and group conferences. 

Even during the free trial period, it offers limited, yet efficient features, and that is how it got the place in our top 3 Video Conferencing apps.

No matter if it’s for a small business or a large entity, a secured video conference is a necessity, and that is why Join.Me offers an end-to-end encrypted connection, which means only the allowed team members can join the meeting.

Unlike other video conferencing tools, Join.Me subscription starts from $10/month, making it a useful application for startups. 

One of the best features of Join.Me is that the participant doesn’t have to download the application on their devices. They can just go to the Join.Me website and use the Security pin to attend the online meetings.


It’s not just us who are advocating for these video conferencing tools, but if you check customer reviews from different sources, Zoom has acquired the top position in most of them, followed by Go To Meet and Join.Me respectively.

Forecasting has become more challenging, but we have narrowed down the list in accordance with company reputation, scalability, flexibility, and affordability.

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