Lustre Comes Together

By Jeff Layton


Two weeks ago the Lustre User's Group (LUG) took place in Orlando. This was the first LUG that was totally driven by the user community which is a bit of a change from past LUGs. In case you don't know, Lustre is an open-source distributed parallel file system that is used in HPC (High Performance Computing) including the largest storage systems with throughput well over 100 GB/s and capacities in the Petabyte range.

The conference was a very interesting mixture of deep, deep technical presentations about Lustre as well as higher level presentations about how Lustre is used and the benefits and downsides of using it.

Oracle was the driving force behind Lustre in the past and obtained a big chunk of the Lustre developers through the acquisition of Sun. However, Oracle has decided not to really pursue the development of Lustre resulting in companies such as Whamcloud and Xyratex to step in to provide commercial support and development.

There have also been two communities, OpenSFS and HPCFS, promoting Lustre, perhaps providing some confusion in the HPC storage world. At LUG 2011, the two groups agreed to come together to mutually support and develop Lustre. Hopefully this will help spur the development and promotion of Lustre.

This article was originally published on May 02, 2011