Searching for a comprehensive StormGain review 2023? Is the StormGain Mining App Trustworthy? If you looking for answers then you have landed in the right place. The number of crypt trading platforms has increased over the past few months, but only a few are able to deliver the best user experience. Storm Gain has emerged as a popular Cloud Mining and Crypto trading platform that offers an assortment of features. But, before switching to StormGain, it is important to know its products, fee, sign-up process, reviews, pros and cons, and much more.

Therefore, in today’s Storm Gainreview, you will get answers to these questions and find out how StormGain can help bolster your crypto trading practices.

StormGain Mining Review: Everything About Storm Gain Exchange

StormGain Review Storm Gain Bitcoin Mining App

StormGain Mining App is a one-stop-destination for buying, storing, trading, and exchanging crypto that works in over 230 countries and has over 5 million users. The Storm Gain platform is made for experts and beginners alike and is perfect for traders looking to profit from the volatility of the crypto market.

Moreover, StormGain can help in long-term crypto assets investments and is available on any device. Also, the platform enables a trader to buy plus hold crypto or begin trading the popular coins with up to a 300x multiplier.

StormGain was established to facilitate the profitable trading of cryptocurrency for traders of every level. Furthermore, the platform combines traditional plus advanced trading features and offers opportunities and relevant insights during the rise and fall of the crypto market.

Being a part of the Blockchain Association of the Financial Commission, StormGain Bitcoin Mining App was also listed as the #1 provider of interest rates for cryptocurrency traders. Moreover, The European ranks Storm Gain as the best platform of the year for crypto trading plus exchange. Get a user-friendly interface, great customer support, and a robust platform for all your crypto trading requirements.

StormGain: Available Products For Users

StormGain provides a wide range of cryptocurrency, Crypto trading tools, customizable buying options, plus a low fee compared to the competitors. Below are the notable products from Storm Gain.

1) StormGain Cryptocurrency Exchange

StormGain CryptoCurrency Exchange

StormGain’s platform makes it hassle-free for traders to exchange crypto at the best rates. Also, the platform boasts that it offers easy registration flow plus provides detailed charts, depth of market, live trades analysis, and more tools. Also, unlike other exchanges, StormGain will not ask you to go through several verification checks plus offer a simple email registration that will let you enter the crypto space quickly.

Furthermore, the exchange is well-categorized, easy to use, and can be translated into 13 different languages. Plus, clicking the fullscreen option will also open advanced trading tools like a pitchfork, trend line, long position, measure, and many more for experts. Traders can utilize the built-in calculator to figure out the exchange fees of StormGain and even use the demo account for safely practicing crypto trading before starting for real.

The StormGain demo account will contain 50,000 USDT ( fake funds) to test the exchange, plus the trading strategies. Moreover, beginners can find detailed educational courses and learn more about the exchange and the crypto space.

2) Storm Gain Trading Signals

Storm Gain Trading Signals

StormGain offers different trading signals generated through technical analysis and AI that can be used for trading cryptocurrency. The StormGain signals offer suggestions for trade direction, along with the entry price plus parameters such as Stop Loss and Take Profit. Moreover, every Buy and Sell signal comes with two indicators called probability and profitability. A profitable signal on StormGain is needed to reach about 65%-75% probability and is based upon the current market condition plus the cryptocurrency involved.

The list of cryptocurrencies for which StormGain offers crypto trading signals are:


Moreover, StormGain trade signals can be used to follow the current trends, and users can get access to the telegram bot on this page.

3) StormGain Crypto Wallet App

StormGain Crypto Wallet App

StormGain offers a multi-currency, in-built wallet for free to help you hodl, trade, plus exchange cryptocurrency. Moreover, the wallets use checksums for validating transactions and can even help in checking the value of crypto against each other.

The wallet supports popular crypto including:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Litecoin
  • Tether (USDT)

The wallet can be accessed using smartphones, tablets, desktops, plus laptops. Managing the crypto portfolio becomes easier, and it takes 5 seconds for a user to register with StormGain for the wallet.

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4) The StormGain Bitcoin Cloud Miner

The StormGain Bitcoin Cloud Miner

StormGain offers a cloud mining option that will not utilize your system’s hardware resources such as graphics cards or CPU and helps earn/mine-free Bitcoin daily. For this, the StormGain users need to reach a certain trading volume plus increase the mining speed. Mining gets performed at Stormgain’s equipment, and you can see plus manage transactions using the app.

5) StormGain Bitcoin Faucet

Users can download the free StormGain Bitcoin Wallet App from their respective app stores to automate Bitcoin mining. Moreover, StormGain proposes that users can receive satoshi (bitcoin rewards) every 4 hours by mining. The process happens in the background, and users even have the option to influence the mining speed.

6) Loyalty Program

Based on the USDT of the users’ trading or exchange turnover, they can earn a Client status that offers special benefits such as a bonus for deposits, exchange commission, and faster mining speed.

7) Other Products Offered By StormGain

1. Live crypto prices: Users can view live price charts for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

2. StormGain News: This section offers recent news about the crypto/blockchain market.

3. Trading cryptocurrency indices: StormGain offers the option to trade different cryptocurrencies simultaneously to help decrease the risk of volatility and to save on commissions. Moreover, managing a group of crypto becomes more predictable when compared to trading individual assets.

4. Tokenized Assets: Users can trade trending derivative contracts using StormGain and add tokenized Gold plus Silver to their portfolio.

5. Crypto options: StormGain crypto options provide the ability to conduct trading based on price changes of an underlying crypto asset without even owning it.

StormGain Islamic Account Option

Though StormGain is not a religious institution, it offers an Islamic Account for crypto traders unable to get plus pay swaps because of religious beliefs. This exclusive account for Islamic traders offers zero interest, a user-friendly platform, no fees for holding a position for a long time, as well as the option to safely hold plus manage cryptocurrency using 9 embedded wallets.

How To Sign Up And Get Started With StormGain

StormGain offers a quick sign-up process where users don’t have to submit too much information. The sign-up process is quick plus simple and allows the user to start crypto trading on the same day.

Step 1: Registering

Head to the main website or StormGain App for smartphone users and click Get Started in the top bar.

Next, type in your email, and phone number and set a strong password.

Then, complete the sidebar verification, and your new account will get set up.

Step 2: Switching To StormGainDemo Account And Testing The Platform

You can switch to the demo account by simply clicking on the dropdown near the deposit and selecting the demo account.

Next, you will be able to see the fake funds that you can then use to learn trading, leverage, and practice other options on StormGain.

Step 3: Depositing Funds With StormGain

Before you can deposit funds, StormGain will ask you to confirm your phone plus email id.

After completing it, the deposit option will be opened, and users can pick from payment options including:

  1. Credit card at a fee of 3.5%
  2. SEPA transfer with a 0.1% fee
  3. International bank transfers that should be more than 5000 USD

Step 4: Exchange Your Cryptocurrency

After transferring crypto to StormGain, you can then click on exchange to buy stable coins such as Tether. Moreover, the platform allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies at low rates and helps streamline the long process.

Step 5: Start Trading

Users can start trading with up to 500x leverage. This step enables users to earn bigger profits much more quickly.

Storm Gain Signals: Steps For Using Storm Gain Crypto Trading Signals

Storm Gain Signals Steps For Using Storm Gain Crypto Trading Signals

Step 1: Click on the crypto you need to open the trade window.
Step 2: Next, select a corresponding signal for the crypto you wish to trade. Also, users can click “Use signal” to input new trade parameters. Moreover, the Stop Loss plus Take Profit will get calculated automatically depending upon the parameters you set.
Step 3: Lastly, check the details and click Confirm Purchase

StormGain Crypto Trading & Mining Platform Pros And Cons 

Every crypto exchange/trading platform comes with some perks plus drawbacks. Knowing them will help the end-user decide if the StormGain platform will be the ideal option or not.

Pros Of StormGain

  • Earn passively via the loyalty program or use refer a friend option
  • A helpful community on telegram to chat and clear doubts with
  • Powerful could-based crypto mining tool
  • Demo account to practice using the StormGain platform.

Cons Of StormGain

  • Currently, different trade signals options are only available on the mobile app.
  • No in-built bot to automate trading.

StormGain App Fee Structure & Trading Commissions 

StormGain offers you to open plus close trades with 0% commission. Only a 10% profit share will be taken from your lucrative trades.

Exchange Fee

There is a min exchange size for crypto such as:

BTCETH= 0.000000001 ETH
BTCUSD = 0.000001 BTC
BTCUSDT = 0.000001 BTC

You can view the entire list on this page.

Moreover, the commission present for crypto exchange will be either 0.25% or 0.095%, depending upon the crypto.

StormGain Debit Or Credit Cards Deposit Commissions

Generally, StormGain charges a Min. commission of 10 USD or a deposit commission of 5% on all currencies. Moreover, there is a minimum and maximum amount for crypto deposits based on your currency.

StormGain Crypto Deposits/Withdrawals

Every cryptocurrency on StormGain has a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount along with a fixed withdrawal fee. Also, there is a 0.1% additional withdrawal fee. Moreover, the terms can vary based on the market condition.

SEPA Transfer: Withdrawal Commissions For EU Countries

BTC and ETH both have 0,1% and 5% withdrawal and currency exchange commission, respectively. Moreover, the min and max withdrawal amount is 150 EUR and 10,000 EUR, respectively.

StormGain Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Deposit Options

Users can buy crypto/ deposit funds using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Apple pay) or bank plus SEPA transfer. Moreover, it is important to know that the minimum deposit amount is $50 for credit cardholders.

Withdrawing Options

Users can safely withdraw the funds by transferring them to their current crypto wallet. Moreover, the minimum transfer should be 50 USDT ( or the same as for other cryptocurrencies) plus the crypto needs to match with the wallets’ cryptocurrency.

Is The StormGain App Safe To Use?

StormGain App and Crypto exchange offers full privacy and does not require KYC to start crypto trading after registering. Moreover, the platform is designed to keep all the funds safe and uses industry-best security protocols to protect against hacks and other cyber attacks.

Also, the StormGain wallet is safeguarded by two-factor authentication plus strong encryption to make certain your funds are kept safe. Furthermore, crypto assets can get stored in hot wallets for transactions and the rest in cold wallets for extra security.

Is The StormGain Ideal For Beginners?

The StormGain App and browser mode offer a user-friendly and hassle-free trading experience right at your fingertips. Moreover, the StormGain platform offers tutorials, demo accounts, and blogs sections for beginners to explore and learn more about StormGain. Also, the exchange comes with normal and advanced charting tools, plus the trade signals can help find lucrative trading opportunities for beginners.

StormGain Customer Reviews And Support

StormGain Customer Reviews

Most of the Storm Gain App reviews and Mining Tool reviews are positive for 2022. Several users prefer the user-friendly interface of the exchange and how it provides a hassle-free trading experience to new traders. Furthermore, many people love the StormGain mining option as well as the different bonus options to help gain passive income. Also, users have reviewed positively the stability of the platform on Android devices and the wide range of tools and features it offers.

StormGain Customer Service

Users prefer clicking on the message icon available at the bottom left corner of the webpage to open customer support. Moreover, the support is available in different languages, and appropriate answers to your questions will be given promptly. There is also a telegram community where chatting with active members can provide much more help and in-depth information.

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Prepared To Trade With StormGain?

Overall, the above StormGain Review proves that it is a robust exchange where crypto traders can manage their assets in a single place. Get profitable trade signals, use the in-built wallet, Islamic account option, impressive loyalty program, live crypto prices, plus cryptocurrency indices are some of the features perfect for crypto enthusiasts. Moreover, there is a fast and low-risk bitcoin mining process that offers a method to generate passive income daily.

Furthermore, the StormGain App has good safety features, charges a low fee, and has gained good customer reviews online. Using StormGain can transcend your crypto trading practices to a new level and help generate more profit with less risk.

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