Violin Memory, an early all-flash storage arrays booster, took the wraps off its two new systems this week, the FSP 7650 and 7450.

Rather than focus on sheer input/output operations per second (IOPS) performance, the new systems promise a balance of both generous IOPS rates and sub-millisecond latency for data analytics, enterprise databases and in-memory computing. The 7650, for example, can attain 1 million IOPS with 200-microsecond latency, claims Violin.

“This launch is all about how IT professionals can be instrumental by leveraging storage technology to enable their companies to do great things, whether that be via private, public or hybrid cloud environments,” said Kevin DeNuccio, president and CEO of Violin Memory, in a statement.

Cloud computing and business application environments that can settle for latencies of 1 millisecond should expect the 7650 to deliver a rating of 2 million IOPS. Meanwhile, the FSP 7450 clocks in at 340,000 IOPS with latencies of 1 millisecond.

The FSP 7650 packs 140 TB of raw flash storage capacity into a 3U enclosure. The FSP 7450’s data reduction capabilities – 6:1 according to Violin – enable customers to stuff 500 terabytes’ worth of data into the same space.

Violin also offered a glimpse at its product roadmap. The company plans to support NVM Express (NVMe) and NVMe Over Fabrics (NVMf) in future products, further reducing latency in its arrays.

Targeting the cloud storage management space, Violin said the company is working on a new software-defined storage (SDS) product dubbed Concerto in the Cloud. Based on the its Violin Concerto OS storage system software, the product is deployed as a virtualized instance and can enhance data mobility for cloud-based applications and hybrid-cloud storage setups.

Finally, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based storage systems provider announced a new tier above its Gold Support Service offering, called Platinum Support Service.

Under the program, Violin will send a technician to replace any faulty part affecting its arrays within four hours. The service uses the company’s CallHome monitoring technology to detect when its storage systems are operating sub-optimally.

Customers are also entitled to biannual health checks and tune-ups, of a sort. “The new Violin Customer First Guarantees assure our Flash Storage Platform customers will achieve the best possible experiences and enjoy the most value from their investment,” said Susan Scheer Aoki, vice president of Customer Experience at Violin.