Toshiba Ships New Portable Hard-disk Drives

By Stuart J. Johnston

Toshiba announced Monday it is shipping the latest entries in its Canvio portable hard-disk drive (HDD) consumer line of storage products which include backup in the cloud.

The Canvio 3 and Canvio Basics 3 drives are available in 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB sizes and feature plug and play operation, and USB 3 compatibility. The Canvio 3 also features pre-loaded backup software.

The USB 3 ports enable the drives to take advantage of transfers between the Canvio 3 and Canvio Basics 3 HDDs and devices with the higher-speed connectivity support, according to a Toshiba statement.

Additionally, the pre-installed NTI BackUpNow EZ software enables users to create a cloud account in order to backup specified folders and file types as well as backup entire systems to the Canvio 3. The software also recommends which files ought to be backed up into the cloud account and which should go onto on-device storage.

"HDDs with cloud-based backup capabilities offer consumers a digital safety net against system failure," Maciek Brzeski, vice president of HDD retail products for Toshiba America Information Systems' Digital Products Division," said in a statement.

"With cloud-based backup, Canvio 3.0 offers consumers a simple and easy backup solution for all types of digital files that need reliable storage," Brzeski added.

Further, Canvio 3.0 provides password protection with up to 256-bit data encryption, an on-screen Drive Space Alert monitor to notify users when the drive is nearly full. Plus, both drives include internal shock sensor technology to protect the drive from abrupt movements and drops.

The Canvio 3.0 costs $89.99 for the 500 GB drive, $109.99 for the 750 GB drive, and $139.99 for the 1TB drive. Meanwhile, the Canvio Basics 3.0 costs $79.99 for the 500 GB model, $99.99 for the 750 GB model, and $129.99 for the 1 TB model.

Stuart J. Johnston is a contributing editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @stuartj1000.

This article was originally published on September 27, 2011