ExaGrid is squeezing more disk backup capacity and performance out of its grid-based, disk backup systems.

Westborough, Mass.-based company this week unveiled the EX32000E, an enterprise backup appliance with built-in deduplication that offers 63 terabytes (TB) of usable storage and 72 TB of raw capacity. In a 14-appliance configuration, the system can scale to deliver 882 TB of usable storage and over 1 petabyte (PB) of raw capacity, and accommodate full backups of up to 448 TB.

Storage capacity aside, the EX32000E excels in guzzling backup data when compared to the competition, according to the company.

Ingest rates range from 5.6 TB per hour to 7.5 TB per hour, depending on whether data is sent across CIFS, NFS, Veeam Data Mover or OpenStorage Technology (OST). With the latter, a 14-appliance EX32000E system can achieve an ingest rate of up to 105 TB per hour. OpenStorage is an application performance interface (API) that enables tighter integration with the Symantec’s NetBackup data backup and recovery platform.

At 105 TB per hour, an EX32000E-based disk backup system beats EMC Data Domain with Boost, the company claims. In addition, ExaGrid’s architecture, which includes a front-end “landing zone” that stores recent backups in their native, non-deduplicated state (up to 32 TB per appliance), provides up to 10 faster restore, recovery and virtual machine boot performance than EMC’s inline deduplication-based solution.

Detailing some of the downsides of inline deduplication, ExaGrid CEO Bill Andrews explained in a statement that, based on conversations with many enterprise IT departments, companies “are looking for a solution that provides faster backups, a fixed length backup window as data grows, and fast restores – especially VM boots in second to minutes.”

ExaGrid also announced that its systems now offer support for four more backup software solutions, namely Symantec System Recovery, Zmanda and Unitrends’s Enterprise Backup and Virtual Backup offerings, raising the total number of supported applications to over 25. Currently, the company supports Veeam, Symantec Backup Exec, HP Data Protector and Oracle RMAN, among others.

Finally, some of the ExaGrid’s other appliances have been given a little nip and tuck, announced the company. The EX5000 and EX7000 have both slimmed down, from a 3U form factor to 2U.

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