Qumulo Expands Analytics-Driven NAS Portfolio

By Pedro Hernandez

Qumulo, the fresh out of stealth storage startup from Seattle, took the wraps off its second hardware offering, the QC208 hybrid network-attached storage (NAS) appliance.

Last month, Qumulo launched the QC24 (formerly Q0626), a storage appliance with 24 TB of hard drive and 1.6 TB of SSD capacity in a 1 U form factor. Its main draw is the QC24's underlying software, called Qumulo Core, which blends analytics with storage management to help enterprises make better and potentially business-boosting decisions about their data.

"Qumulo Core builds real-time data analytics directly into storage, giving enterprises an unprecedented view of their data and storage resources at massive scale," Brett Goodwin, vice president of marketing for Qumulo, told InfoStor at the time. "With greater visibility into which data is most valuable, where it is stored, what users or applications are accessing what files, and why data grows, Qumulo's customers achieve significant gains in workflow performance and storage efficiency."

Today, less than a month after making its official debut, the company is rolling out another storage system, based again on off-the-shelf components.

The 4U system offers 2.6 TB of solid-state drive (SSD) capacity and 208 TB of hard disk drive (HDD) storage. QC208 is powered by two Intel Xeon E5 server processors, each with six cores and running at 2.4 GHz. The hardware can support up to 13 SSDs (200 GB eMLC) and 26 HDDs (8 TB).

In a four-node configuration, the minimum for a scale-out QC208 deployment, the platform can provides up to 832 TB of intelligently-placed data minus the challenges of managing proprietary hardware.

"We designed Qumulo Core to run on commodity hardware so that our customers can leverage the ongoing decline in hardware costs vs. overpaying for older, proprietary and expensive storage hardware," said Qumulo's CEO and co-founder, Peter Godman in a statement. "The next generation of storage is all about intelligence in the software, making the new 4U QC208 hybrid storage appliance the ideal complement to Qumulo Core for larger-scale, capacity-optimized storage environments."

Qumulo was founded in 2012 by former executives of Isilon, a storage software specialist known for its OneFS NAS operating system. Isilon ended up getting acquired by data storage giant EMC in 2010 for over $2 billion.

Before founding Qumulo, Godman served as Isilon's head of software engineering, while Aaron Passey served as chief architect and is now CTO of the technology startup. To date, Qumulo has raised a total of $67 million, including $40 million from a Series B round of funding in February.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InfoStor. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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This article was originally published on April 13, 2015