Top 10 storage acquisition possibilities

Due in large part to Dell’s failure to acquire 3PAR, the high price that HP paid for 3PAR, as well as other storage vendor acquisitions such IBM-Storwize, Dell-Ocarina and EMC-Greenplum, speculation is running rampant over who will be acquired next. And many storage vendors’ stock prices have been driven to all-time highs as a result.

Enterprise Storage Forum freelance writer Christine Cignoli recently spoke to industry analysts and consultants and came up with a Top 10 acquisition targets list, which included:

#1 – Pillar Data Systems

#2 – Compellent Technologies

#3 – CommVault

#4 – Xiotech

#5 – Isilon Systems

#6 – DataDirect Networks

#7 – InMage

# 8 – Permabit Technology

# 9 – Citrix Systems

#10 – R1 Soft

Read the full analysis, with analyst comments, on Enterprise Storage Forum: “Top 10 Storage Acquisition Targets”

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This article was originally published on September 24, 2010