Nexenta’s storage software platform is gearing up for a major new release of the company’s software defined storage (SDS) platform, NexentaStor.

During the second quarter of 2014, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based tech firm will launch the latest edition of its “commercial-grade SDS implementation,” NexentaStor 4.0. The company’s virtualization-friendly software operates on commodity hardware, enabling businesses to avoid vendor lock-in as they build and/or grow their data storage infrastructures, according to the company. Provided storage services include inline deduplication, unlimited snapshots and cloning.

In addition to improved stability and seamless upgrades from past versions, NexentaStor 4.0 promises to act as a software foundation for more robust storage infrastructures. The company boasted in a statement that the new software can deliver a 50 percent reduction in HA (high availability) failover times. Other uptime-boosting enhancements include a Fault Management Architecture (FMA) that intelligently detects and works around failing hardware to minimize application interruptions.

NexentaStor’s code base has migrated to the Illumos open-source OS, which the company claims will improve the software’s security, management and monitoring capabilities. Also new are AutoSync replication improvements, support for up to 512 GB of memory and Server Message Block (SMB) 2.1 compatibility.

Nexenta CEO Tarkan Maner said in a statement that a “fast-growing customer and partner ecosystem” have adopted the company’s approach to enterprise storage management. Last year, in a busy season for deal-making surrounding SDS providers, Nexenta bagged $24 million in VC funding following a 12-month streak that ended in 5,000 customer deployments.

The company followed ScaleIO, a Palo Alto Calif-based storage software startup that raised $12 million for its ECS software. GridStore raised $12.5 million in October 2012 to help advance its scale-out storage platform for midsized businesses.

With NexentaStor 4.0, added Maner, “we are extending our substantial TCO advantages by adding disruptive technology capabilities along with additional business benefits for organizations who are sick and tired of the IT status quo.”

Boris Renski co-founder of Mirantis, co-founder and an OpenStack foundation board member, noted the company’s rise among firms that are thinking of implementing his group’s open source cloud platform. “We’ve seen strong interest in Nexenta solutions among organizations adopting OpenStack and our partnership enables us to provide choice and best possible experience to the customers and partners,” he said in prepared remarks.

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