Sporting a new logo at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Seagate is taking a detour from the data center this week to unveil new products and service offerings for consumers.

Making it easier to accommodate more data storage on overflowing desks or gadget bags, the company announced the Seagate Seven, a new external drive that packs 500 GB of storage capacity into an enclosure that is only 9.6 millimeters thick. The USB 3.0-compatible device is not only the world’s thinnest 500 GB drive, according to Seagate, but also representative of the company’s 35-year quest to push data storage technologies further.

“Seagate has been providing the world with storage since the modern origins of computing history,” said Mark Whitby, senior vice president of Seagate Branded Group, in a statement. “Seagate Seven is designed to speak to this history, while looking forward to the future of where storage technology is headed.”

The steel-encased device evokes the look of a bare drive, a “premium” design choice that the company feels will earn the Seagate Seven some takers among fans of trendy gadgets. “We believe that Seagate Seven will resonate with those who want the latest trend in mechanical design while inspiring the user to create great experiences and memories,” Whitby continued.

Seagate Seven hits store shelves in mid to late January with a price of $99.99.

Although somewhat less sleek, the company unveiled another 500 GB portable drive, this one aimed at freeing up valuable smartphone and tablet storage and delivering video content to those same devices. Dubbed Seagate Wireless, the portable, battery-powered wireless drive can store up to 200 high-definition (HD) movies. Content is accessible via the free Seagate Media app for Android, iOS and Windows tablets.

Seagate also took the wraps off an updated centralized storage appliance for the home called Personal Cloud. Available later this month, and meant to serve as a one-stop digital content storage solution for digital households, the hardware is available in capacities of 3 TB, 4 TB and 5 TB.

The living room equivalent of a cloud-enabled storage appliance, Seagate’s Personal Cloud supports automatic backup to popular online storage services including Amazon S3, Box, Baidu, DropBox and Google Drive. A two-bay version, also available in January (4 TB, 6 TB and 8 TB), contains two hard drives with built-in data-mirroring capabilities. Buyers can also opt to keep just one copy of the data stored on the device.

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